10 Most Remarkable Sex Blogs On The Net Right Now

This sex blog ranking is solely based on my personal opinions and likes. To find the perfect blog for yourself, just think of what you like and looking for. Are you a single woman/man, or a couple looking for some naughty entertainment? Are you straight, gay, lesbian? Are you interested in the reviews, sex articles, comics, or rather erotic stories? Are you into monogamy, swinging, BDSM, etc?

Having an e-zine about everything that links to human sexuality means that I read a lot of sex blogs trying to understand better people with other sexual preferences than mine. But if you won’t find anything on that list that tickles your fancy, remember that the web is full of sex blogs – just dedicate some time to sift through them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

1. Dangerous Lily

Lily, who started blogging in 2008, is someone that you can trust with your sex toy purchases. “I’m not here to make friends with the industry; I’m here to be an advocate for the consumer.” she wrote on her sex blog in the section called Lily’s Blacklist. And this statement rings true when you read her reviews. She is a brutally honest, passionate and knowledgeable.

There’s a lot that I like about Lily, but my favorite thing about her is that she promotes other sex bloggers and their content on her popular website, what is quite rare and what makes her site unique and more interesting.


Girl on the Net

The Girl on the Net is a UK most influential sex blogger. She started her website in 2011 in order to have a place to talk about sex, because in her own words: ” I’m a pervert’ – I like sex; I like talking about it, reading about it, doing it, watching other people do it, and hearing other people’s stories.”

Her blog is filled with her real-life erotic stories, sex advice, and feminism. She wants everyone to know that women love sex as much as men, but because our society is the way it is, we learned to keep quiet about it. So if you are a horny little thing, you just found a great blog for yourself.


The Redhead Bedhead

I came to JoEllen sex blog first time through twitter. I followed her account for some time when I saw a tweet about her new post called: Surviving A Bully (When You’re 35). I read it and I got hooked. Through her absorbing articles and podcasts, JoEllen entertains and educates at the same time. She gives us not only great sex and relationship advice, but also writing tips and together with another sex blogger on this list – Epiphora they offer an online course that teaches blogging about sex.



Dick and Jane started their blog in 2008 as a way of expressing their sexuality and to drive their sex life since both of them are horny creatures. They are both in their forties, but keen on keeping the fire of their passion alive.

What can you expect to find on their sex blog? Lots of stories of Dick and Jane sexual experiences, sex confessions, erotica for couples, relationship tips, sex advice, humor, videos and lots of sexy photos.


Hey Epiphora

Epiphora is definitely an expert in a sex toys field. She is one of the most well-known sex toy reviewers and a great writer. She was published in Best Sex writing of the Year and has been featured on radio shows and in magazines.

Her sex blog is full of honest and thorough toys reviews, so if you want to purchase a vibrator, dildo or any other sex product, but not sure which one to pick, you know now where to go. Hey Epiphora though is not only full of useful tips for buying adult toys, you’ll also find there well-written masturbation journals, sex blogging tips, and industry critiques.


Ask Dan and Jennifer

Dan and Jennifer started their website in 2007 and now it is one of the leading sex blogs with huge readers’ base. The secret of their success might be that they’re really following their passion and that’s noticeable once you are on their page. Their mission is to help their readers to build relationships based on love, sexual honesty, and acceptance of one another. And they are doing this through interesting articles, helpful sex tips and series of videos. If you’re in a relationship and looking to spice it up this is definitely blog for you.


Oh Joy Sex Toy

This website was created in 2013 by cartoonist Erica Moen and her husband Matthew Nolan and it is very different from other sex blogs. Why? Well, it is in form of short comics, rather than articles. These comics talk in a fun and light way about everything that it’s linked to sex and sexuality: sex toys, workshops, birth control, sexual health and pregnancy. Trough weekly cartoons (often created by guests contributors) Oh Joy Sex Toy tries to connect with people of all genders and diverse sexuality.


In Bed with Married Woman

If you are having a bad day and looking to cheer yourself up, please go to In Bed with Married Woman. I’m sure that you’ll find more than one article which will bring a smile to your face. Jill Hamilton, the person who created this sex blog, writes in a very amusing, yet educative way about everything linked to sex. You might actually know her already if you are one of the readers of Cosmo, AlterNet, Jezebel, Rolling Stone and other magazines which publish her sex articles.


Sugarbutch Chronicles

This sex blog functions since 2006 and is owned by Sinclair Sexsmith who is a kinky writer. On her website, you’ll find juicy sex stories, erotic essays, reviews and poems, which celebrate feminism, BDSM, kink and queer sex. But Sugarbutch Chronicles is not only about sexual arousal, it helps us to have a better understanding of a queer sexuality, its beauty and it’s problems.


Life on The Swingset

This sex blog can be really interesting and eyes opening for people who are curious about polyamory and swinging. And it’s definitely a great place for those who are into open relationships and who would love to read about others experiences and connect with like-minded folks.

Life on The Swingset was started by Cooper S. Beckett, who is open relationship coach.  Nowadays though there are plenty of other open minded people who contribute to it in form of articles, podcasts, and sex toy reviews.


Is there any other sex blog that you just love and think that others should get to know it too? If yes, please share it with us in the comment section.