13 Things You Should Know About Sex Shops

Spoiler: A cup of tea solves everything.

Sex! We all love it, whether it’s with a partner or solo. And everyone knows a few ~naughty~ items from a sex shop can make it even better.

1. It’s OK to bring a friend.

Why do it? “Shopping with your friends can make the experience far less awkward or intimidating, as you can help each other pick the right one and most importantly, compare notes…” – Eve Fifer, Ann Summers

“Coming in with a friend is probably a lot more fun. You have someone for backup and you can giggle together. And you won’t have to feel that you’re all alone in this brand-new world of sex toys.” – Renée Denyer, Sh!

Any cons? “The only downside is you might not want them to know the ins and outs of your sex life. But if you think you’d feel more comfortable, then by all means come in – we have whole groups turn up!” – Rose Compton, Harmony

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