A Guideline For Using Household Objects As Sex Toys

DIY if you’re dumb enough to try.


During the winter holidays, I’m usually too stressed to worry about twirling on my clit.

This year was no different — at least until my family sat down to binge-watch Making a Murderer. After I got in bed, my mind couldn’t stop wandering to Avery’s sexy, idealistic attorney Dean Strang. I went to pull out my box bullet — to finish the job my fingers started — when I made a very upsetting discovery: I had forgotten my vibrator. I was dildo-less. My orgasm, which moments ago seemed just within reach, suddenly became a ton of work.

Once home, that experience still fresh in my mind, I vowed I would never let it happen again. If I ever found myself sans sex toy, I would be prepared. I had to know how tomasturbate with common household objects.

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