About us

Sex is as natural a part of our lives as breathing. But still human sexual behavior is a taboo in many cultures, even the so called “enlightened” ones. The guardians of our social rules and religious laws do their best to make us feel guilty about our human needs and ashamed of our own sexuality. Well, we say “no” to that!

We are Anya and Mark, and this is our project. We are married, happy, adventurous, sometimes complicated and, well, love making love. We think there’s a lot of fun going on out there in this big connected world of ours – and we want to talk about it, hear about it and share it with those of you with an interest.

We want to build community of likeminded people who enjoy reading on the topic and sharing their own experiences. People who are enthusiastic, and are not ashamed of their own sexual nature (or who are but don’t want to be). We want this to be a safe place – sometimes humorous, irreverent, informative, sexy, adventurous, and light.

We’re sure there are others of you who are tired of all the tut-tutting that goes on about the subject and are prefer to embrace it as an important part of a healthy life.

If you are one of these people, one of us, then you’re invited to take look and share in our blog. We hope something resonates with you.