How to choose your perfect sex doll in 9 easy steps.

In the world of sex toys, sex dolls don’t get as much attention as vibrators or dildos do.

They are of course often are seen as just toys for creepy perverts. That’s probably the reason why the internet is somewhat lacking for websites with extensive and reasonably unbiased information about them.

And picking one just got all the more difficult as new technologies in the sex industry help create sex-dolls so realistic that some could almost be confused with the real thing.

And that’s why we’ve decided to provide you with a short, concise and facts-based guide to choosing the perfect sex-doll for you.

Sex dolls are an important alternative for those thinking of trying different styles of masturbation. Especially when you want to try different positions or enjoy a different sensation from that achieved with your hand or a more conventional toy. Their function is to imitate intercourse and even better they are ready for you whenever you feel horny. Sp, without further a due, let’s jump in…

  1. We begin with the blow up dolls that are a classic. When you start to experiment with this type of sex toy these dolls are a good choice. In the majority of cases they are made of plastic and unfortunately their appearance is not very similar to that of a real woman. They usually have a hole in the vagina area and sometimes in the mouth so you can easily carry on your masturbation. Unfortunately, they don’t last more than a few uses.

On a plus side they are very affordable and can be purchased at any sex shop. Once used you can easily deflate them and store in a wardrobe. Their maintenance is also very simple and consists of washing their orifices with warm water and soap. If you want to make any sex toy 100% hygienic use toy disinfectant after cleaning.

  1. If you prefer something more realistic, right now there are many companies that are producing sex dolls of incredible quality. These are made of silicone, vinyl, latex or rubber. The latex dolls are generally covered with zinc oxide; which the user has to remove by placing the toy under the shower before its first use.Silicone dolls are the heaviest of all the varieties of dolls, and they weight roughly half that of a real woman of similar size and shape.

In general, hi-tech dolls are more difficult to take care of because they require much more maintenance. You will also need a space reserved for them in your home, far away from curious eyes.

  1. Personally I believe that silicone ones are the best choice since they look and feel very realistic, they are hypoallergenic and they are also easier to clean and maintain.

The downside is their cost, usually higher than other types. Silicon dolls can be just semi- torso i.e. just the body, genitals, ass and head (they are about $200 to $2,500) or they can be full body (from $3,000 up). The last ones are usually made with a metal skeleton inside that makes it possible for the purchaser to move their arms and legs, and position them in any position he wishes.

These dolls can be made according to the requirements of the buyer, who can dictate the physical appearance of the product. In the touch they are similar to the real skin, they have clitoris and breasts as large as you want them to be. In addition to obvious vaginal holes they have anal ones and in the majority of the cases they offer also the possibility of mouth penetration. You really can make your sex fantasies come true here!

  1. Expensive sex dolls will frequently even come (no pun intended) with vibrating genitals and will often have removable components. Detachable vaginas, mouths, or anuses make maintenance a whole (with a “w”!) lot easier. Another plus for them is that if you are using the toy quite a lot and if you wear any of the components out, you can buy them separately in the after-market, making it much cheaper in the long term.
  2. And if you get bored of your $10,000 perfectly designed and life-like sex partner just lying in your bed, well RealDoll have decided to go even further. In 2015 with the scope of animating the dolls and give them their own personalities the company has hired engineers from Hanson Robotics. The team is currently working on developing artificial intelligence able to analyze what you are saying, talk back and follow the orders.
  3. Girls, there are not many male sex dolls out there – they account for a mere 10% of the market, and the ones that are on offer (they can’t be fully customized, sorry ladies) are more often directed at gay guys than women.
  4. No matter which sex dolls you choose remember to always use good quality water based lubricant while “handling” them. Oil or silicone based gels can react with the doll material, which might then become too soft and start peeling away. So if you just spent $200 or more dollars on your sex toy we suggest you do your research.
  5. Also helpful in the maintenance of your doll is corn starch or baby powder. They are both helpful in returning the “skin” to perfect condition after use.
  6. Last but not least keep in mind that if you warm up your sex partner just before use, that will definitely help to intensify your pleasure. The easiest way to do so is to use the heated blanket in which you can wrap it about 20 minutes before you get down to it. Intercourse will feel more natural and it will be much more fun.

Which one you take home with you will to a large extent depend on your wallet, but apart from the money, it is also important to know the basic about sex dolls, helping you select the most appropriate one for your needs.

If you are still in doubt, read the reviews of other buyers. They generally are sincere and might help you to make your choice.

Remember though, sex dolls are not a substitute for a human partner. But that’s not always possible – so in the meantime…