How to get a girl to text you?

I’ve met this girl last summer. She was so beautiful and so out of my league. Let’s call her Arianna. I don’t even know how I worked up the nerve to approached her. That was a pure bravery on my side and I couldn’t believe my luck when she actually agreed to give me her phone number. I was psyched!

And this feeling lasted all the way till I actually decided to contact her. The troubles started then. Should I text, or should I call? Finally decided on the first one, since I was too afraid of saying anything stupid during the phone call. Next, I spent 15 minutes staring at the phone, completely empty-minded. I always thought that the first text was important, and it should be something she could remember me by. Unfortunately, nothing that will be good enough was coming to my head.

I didn’t want to miss my chance with her since, I was sure that looking the way she did, she was likely to give her number to other guys too. That thought instead of helping made me freeze. I started to imagine all those hunky guys trying to pick her up and I knew I had to do something different than them. Something special.

Finally, I typed into Google: What to text a girl? And got 173 million pages as a result. I tried with: How to get a girl to text you? 225 million pages. And there were thousands of similar searches on Google and Yahoo Answers. Ok, I wasn’t alone.

“If there are so many searches on the topic,” I thought “There have to be resources to answer those questions”.

There are. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t very original and some are just way too sleazy. I knew I was running against the time so decided not to be too picky and I bought “Text that Girl”. I got this one for a few reasons:

  • Price – $47 didn’t seem high. It wasn’t even one night out for me.
  • The product was digital, so I didn’t have to wait for the book to be delivered.
  • Author, Race dePriest, was on the list of the top 10 Pickup Artist made by
  • “Text that Girl” won the at the Global Pickup Conference award called “Best Text Game”
  • 60-days full money back guarantee – that showed me that author was confident about his product.

The guide seemed to be quite practical and provided me with the real life examples. Thankfully, the quickstart guide got me started right away and once I contacted Arianna she actually answered (yay!).


Initially using the PDF wasn’t easy, though.  I had to look through it trying to find the appropriate answer to every her text. I have to admit I was getting a little bit fed up with it, but since it seemed to work (Arianna was texting back) I kept going. All the effort started to pay off soon, and finding perfect text became easier. That is thanks to the way that program is set up – Race conveniently put texts into 5 groups depending on the circumstances:

  • Ego Strokers – those messages helped me to spark Arianna’s curiosity and made her want to get to know me better.
  • Testing messages – dePriest taught me how to avoid messaging mistakes in order to pass any of her texting tests
  • Anti-flake texts – in case her interest started to quiver, I had many options to choose from, to get her engaged again.
  • Sex messages – I learnt how when the time was right, direct our conversation on a more sexual course and slowly construct the sexual tension between us
  • Time machine texts – those are for later, once you are together and your romance isn’t so new anymore. They help you to remind any women of passionate moments that you two shared together.

The book gave me conversation openers (and for me that was the best part of it) and also great responses to Arianna’s texts. I learnt how to send her texts that will make her laugh and flirt with me. I started to treat it like a Bible and listen to dePriest in everything that involved texting. I was even stopping to text when he “said so” (it was damn hard) trying to leave Arianna on the high note, which supposed to make her want me more.

DePriest, by identifying the patterns and psychological triggers, taught me what drives girls to form connections. He literally shows you things from the woman’s perspective. Knowing the psychological tricks helped me to become more creative with my own responses.

And when finally, we went on the date – it was her who asked me! If only she knew…

Of course, this guide is not a perfect science. People react differently in the same situations. That’s the part of human nature. I had the realistic view of this before I purchased the “Text That Girl”. But it did help me. Not only to get Arianna interested but also to grow my self-confidence.

I lent the “Text That Girl” to two of my buddies (Tom and Jim) who also struggled a bit with talking to girls.

Tom, didn’t like. In the first place, he doesn’t really know how to get a girl to give him her phone number and book, unfortunately, doesn’t really cover that. So if you are “beginner” this guide is not for you.

Jim still struggles but with juggling all the girls he’s dating. And by the way, the guide helps you with that too.

Of course am not promising you “Text That Girl” will make you become the texting god overnight, but if you are sick and tired of not getting anywhere with the girls I really recommend that you give it a try.