Submission guidelines

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Having your work included in our site is a great way to gain exposure to new people and markets. Having your articles appear on our site can give you greater visibility, credibility and help you build your reader base.

Authors and writers are invited to submit their articles to our for review. Please read the submission guidelines listed below before submitting any content for inclusion.

Submission options for Euforia Online

#1 Erotic Story/ Literotica – submit your original work for possible inclusion on our site. We are looking for:

  • Skill in writing erotic and suggestive situations.
  • Knowledge of writing and good use of spelling and grammar.
  • An awareness of the difference between erotica and pornography.

What we are not looking for:

Pornographic writing that does nothing to tantalize and tease the mind.

  1. Inappropriate and uncomfortable situations such as non-consensual relations and similar areas of content.
  2. Excessive profanity, vulgarity, racism, pedophilia or anything deemed by our editorial team to be inappropriate to our audience.

#2 Articles – Submit an article related to one of our topics. The main criteria here is

  1. Originality
  2. Entertainment value (we love informative, witty, and punchy articles!)
  3. Relevance to topic

Article Title: Up to 150 characters. Article: 450 to 800 words is ideal for the website content.

Author Bio: Between 25 and 50 words Max and can include ONE link.

Topic Area: Please include the topic or subject area of your article. If the topic area is not suggested we reserve the right to post your submission to the topic area we feel most appropriate. If we cannot discern from your article which area is most suitable, your article stands a good chance of not being accepted.

How to Submit Your Article:

First you’ll need to register as a Contributor here

After registering you can head over to the Submission Page. We encourage and request pictures/photos and other visuals to be included.  Priority is given to those who do supply graphics with their submission.

Copyright Information: We will only accept articles written by the author or copyright holder. Euforia Online adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws. By submitting an article to one of our sites and/or publications you are granting permission for its use on the website. Contributing Authors retain all copyrights to their individual works.

Articles not written by submitter: If you have read an article or other resource you believe would be a good addition to our library, you may forward the article or information to us along with any contact information of the author.

Payment: At this time we are not paying for article submissions of any kind.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that we will use your article in our  web site. In order to be considered a contributing author to our site, you must be a registered author. To register, click on the link.

Disclaimer: If you see articles on our site that are longer than our posted content size, it is generally because it was an article Euforia Online used in a digital issue that we are now republishing to our RSS audience. Please do not send articles that do not meet our criteria. We do not edit for length, content or grammar. We do look for minor grammatical errors and if the article has several errors, it will be REJECTED by our editorial team. Keep in mind that Euforia Online may or may not contact you to inform you that your content was rejected.