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Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal, and the country’s largest brothel is called Daulatdia, where more than 1,500 women and girls sell sex to thousands of men every day.

Daulatdia is infamous for drug abuse and underage prostitution, and many of its sex workers are victims of sexual slavery who were trafficked into the area and sold to a pimp or a madam. They are forced to work off the fee that was paid for them, a debt that takes years to clear because they receive as little as a dollar for sex.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid visited the notorious Bangladeshi brothel — where human trafficking, underage prostitution, and drugs are commonplace — and met the traffickers and the trafficked, as well as the clientele.

HAVING sex with a robot could be coming to our shores — or beds — sooner than we think.

With improving technology, and a growing appetite for sexual robots, National University of Ireland’s law professor John Danaher said sex robots could be a good substitute in brothels — and have several health benefits for clients as well.

Prof Danaher, who conducted research into human enhancement and artificial intelligence, said: “The cyborgs can cater for desire for sexual variety, freedom from constraint and complication and fear of lack of sexual success.

“Technology may become better at developing emotional bonds with their clients.

“They won’t need to ‘fake it’ the same way as human prostitutes.”

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Even couples with the steamiest of sex lives need to switch things up every now and then—and amping up the sensation factor is one of the easiest ways to get freaky with a capital F. “Virtually any kind of sensation can enhance someone’s erotic experience,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist for Good Vibrations.

As for figuring out which feels will fire you up fast? Well, you’ll have to do some experimenting. Here are six to get you started.

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Date nights including the occasional wine or beer might not be a bad idea, according to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology.

The study looked at drinking behaviors of 2,767 older married couples, who supplied data twice over four years. Participants were 50 or older. Researchers found couples who drank had “decreased negative marital quality over time.”

In other words, couples who reported drinking even one drink a year were more likely to say their partner doesn’t let them down, get on their nerves or criticize them. This could be interpreted as happiness, but it’s difficult to prove.

By Lola Phillips…

Wow, that was so amazing. I cannot believe she did not notice that we had done this before.

Anyone that saw the way Dapo and Laide sat on the couch that Saturday afternoon would know that they were extremely unhappy.

They both sat on opposite ends of the couch and seemed to be gazing at nothing in particular. While Dapo looked angry and incensed, Laide looked sad and afraid. They sat quietly for what seemed like hours.

On occasion, Laide would attempt to say something to her husband, but she would change her mind and clamp up again.

What caused Dapo to be so angry, and Laide so afraid? The whole thing started the night before…

The report, conducted by FS Magazine, asked over 1,500 gay and bisexual men about their sexual health and any concerns they might have.

39% of gay men said they had unprotected sex the majority of the time in the last year, 25% said they had unprotected sex “some of the time”, and 35% said they don’t have any unprotected sex or haven’t had sex in the last year.

Matthew Hodson, outgoing CEO of GMFA, said: “Condom use has slipped back a little since the early days of HIV, partly because HIV is no longer a death sentence, and partly because we’re not seeing the same investment in sexual health that we saw a decade ago.

By Rafi Letzter and Florence Fu,

We might not always be able to explain why we’re attracted to someone, but there’s been a lot of research about why people fall in love.

While some explanations are attributed to social and cultural practices, such as a shared system of values and experiences, others, like the way we smell or our height, point to our biological nature as a reproductive species.

Here are some findings about attraction that might surprise you:

By AWR Hawkins,

A new film, Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?, depicts women withholding sex until men agree to get rid of their guns.

Is That a Gun was written, directed and produced by Matt Cooper, and it stars Andrea Anders (Modern Family), Matt Passmore (The Glades), Cloris Leachman (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Horatio Sanz (Wreck-It Ralph), John Michael Higgins (Couples Retreat), and Jon Heard (NCIS Los Angeles), among others.

The film’s trailer announces: “Finally a comedy that takes aim at America’s greatest obsessions.” It includes scenes of women in the fictional town of Rockford, Texas, banding together to deny their men sex until their men get rid of their guns.

By JamesMichael Nichols,

“One person’s act of fear and maliciousness created such a powerful statement of love.”

A Massachusetts-based lesbian couple received an amazing display of solidarity from their neighbors this week after vandals stole a Pride flag from the front of their home and egged their front porch while they were out of town.

Lauri and Cari Ryding initially hung the Pride flag following the Pulse nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in American history. The incident at their home served as a reminder why they hung the flag in the first place.

By Nikki Goldstein for news.com.au,

IT SEEMS like everyone is ticking off a bucket list these days, with YouTube sensations, adrenaline junkies and even the elderly jumping out of perfectly good planes with this as their reason.

So it was only a matter of time before this notion crept into our bedrooms.

I think a sex bucket list is a great tool to find sexual satisfaction and explore what really excites you — for singles and couples alike. Your lists might look different, but why should singles have all the fun?

By Shashank Bengali,

For all their bare skin, suggestive dialogue and racy dance sequences, Bollywood movies generally are a marvel of chastity. The world’s biggest film industry is so squeamish about sex that its biggest stars rarely even kiss on screen.

Then there’s Sunny Leone.

Anyone with an Internet connection can watch Leone do a lot more than kiss, and many Indians have. She consistently ranks as the most Googled person in the country, less for her roles in a dozen-odd Bollywood B-movies than for her previous career as one of the biggest porn stars in America.

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When I was 14 my parents divorced. My mom freaked out and sent me to live with my dad. He had a new GF, Tess; I am thinking she had something to do with the breakup.

My first thought was that Tess was way out of his league. She was in her 20s, blonde, and a real looker. While he was around she was great but when he had to go out of town I found out she turned into a drunken slob. With dad gone and her useless I had to look after myself but I did get a lot of freedom that way. Tess told me that as long as I didn’t rat her out to my dad she wouldn’t tell him about any minor trouble I got into.

The story really starts when I invited my friend Mike over one afternoon to watch TV and hang out. When we came in I was totally embarrassed to find Tess passed out on the couch in front of the TV. I should have expected it. Dad had left the day before and it never took her long to get tanked.