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There was some doubt surrounding It prior to its release. The Dark Tower, another Stephen King adaptation, had failed to grab worldwide audiences just a month before, and horror movies tend to be hit-and-miss. But the film has been a total sensation. It’s broken its fair share of box office records and has become a fan-favorite horror tale.

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If you’re going through a dry spell in the bedroom, you might be wondering what kind of effect it might be having on your body and mind. 

Here’s a little rundown of the things that happen when you struggle to get lucky:

You might feel unhappier

Ok, yes, this may seem like the most obvious one… But Dr. Mark Lawton from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV told Metro:

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Many couples will admit sex can become predictable over the course of a relationship. We all know the routine: we go to the bedroom, turn off the lights, and have sex (almost) always in the missionary position until we’re done. Although there’s nothing wrong with “vanilla” sex, some couples choose to spice things up in the bedroom a la Fifty Shades of Grey.


Amber Heard has had an interesting love life so far and she’s only 31-years-old.

The beauty, who will be in both Justice League and Aquaman as Mera, has dated both men and women but refuses to be labeled.

And what the ex-wife of Johnny Depp is most proud of is how she has not hidden her sexuality, she told the new issue of Allure.

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If there is one part of the body that men especially rave about, it would be the breasts. You see men’s love for them everywhere you look: movies, advertisements, music…it’s impossible to escape. Knowing how much men love breasts, you would think they would all be experts at playing with them, but shockingly, this isn’t the case. Overwhelming, women complain that men don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to their breasts or that they don’t pay enough attention to them at all.

Listen up, guys, the breasts are an important erogenous zone. If you aren’t stimulating a woman’s breasts enough, or in the right way, you’re missing out on an important part of pleasing her sexually!

If you’re worried about your penis size, you’re not alone. In fact, thirty percent of subjects in one study reported feeling dissatisfied with their genitals. Some men stated that they feared their shortcomings would lead to rejection or dissatisfaction in the bedroom.

“[Penis shame is] an emotional feeling,” David Veale, a psychiatrist at King’s College London, told LiveScience. So, if you’re feeling small, it probably has little to do with reality.

Armed with signs, catchy phrases and a motivation to take #MeToo beyond the internet and into real life, a few hundred women, men, and children gathered Sunday among the sex shops and tourist traps of Hollywood Boulevard to protest sexual harassment.

The Take Back the Workplace March and the #MeToo Survivors March joined forces in the heart of Hollywood, near the entrance to the Dolby Theater where the Academy Awards take place. They walked side by side past the tourists, costume shops, strip clubs and a man wearing a “Whiskey Made Me Do It” T-shirt to gather for a rally of rousing speeches from the likes of Harvey Weinstein accuser Lauren Sivan and Oscar-winning producer Cathy Schulman.

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MARISSA shot the man twice in the head. He was found days later, alive, but unable to speak. She had racked up $15,000 on his credit card.

AN ESCORT in Washington state says she shot her client twice in the head — because he was lousy at oral sex, according to reports.

Marissa Wallen, 21, then allegedly stole her client’s wallet and gun, left him for dead and went on a $12,000 ($15,600) spending spree in Skagit County, according to the Herald of Everett

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Instead of wedding bells, its wedding beeps hello is this thing on.

In a twist right out of Weird Science, 31-year-old Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia is marrying his own robot creation in a traditional wedding ceremony. The bride’s name is Yingying and Zheng has publicized their wedding. This is possibly an attempt to promote Zheng’s own research and production of AI at his workplace — Brain of Things. Although he seems very much into it, discussing how he’s going to program his new wife to talk around and do chores and seems sincere about the possibility of humans marrying robots. The marriage came about after the creator had a hard time finding love and seems to not be, at this point, legally binding.