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A long sigh followed by shy tears running down her cheeks, her hands covering the face. As Melanie fell down on her bed, her whole world has broken down. Her crying was silent, she didn’t want her family to know what mourning she was in. As her tears continued to flow, she got more and more tired until she finally fell asleep. In her room the was a strange silence and a special light soft and caressing.

Her dream led her back to the tragical moment when Sylvie told her about her new boyfriend. Well, most folks are happy about young women of 16 years getting into a relation to a young man – but for Melanie, it was the worst case. She saw the sparks in Sylvie’s eyes and she felt her heart starting to fall down.

According to a post by Dailystar, a recent study by scientists at the University of East Anglia looked into the best grub to chow down on if you want to stay hard.

The groundbreaking research discovered that eating humble blackcurrants is one of the best way to stave off p*nis problems.

The study found that men who look after themselves by working out and eating a diet rich in flavonoids (naturally occurring compounds in fruit and vegetables) are less likely to suffer from ED. Researchers began by tracking the flavonoid intake in 25,000 men over a 10 year period. Out of the six most commonly eaten flavonoids, three were beneficial: anthocyanins, flavanones and flavones.


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their worst threesome experience. Here are the hilariously cringe-worthy results.

1. The unexpected facial:

I was in a threesome with two guys who happened to be friends. One of them insisted I blow him while riding the other one. He pushed my head really hard into him, right as he was about to cum, which made me choke and pull away. This made all of his cum spray right onto his buddy’s face, and a bit got into his mouth. I will always wonder if their friendship survived that sperm facial.


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There is a lot you can do to satisfy your woman if you are not very well endowed. Check out great tips.

A lot of men worry that their penis is smaller than average. These men are often on the average spectrum when it comes to size, so the chances that you are way too small to pleasure her is really low.

If you feel like you are not well endowed, or you need tips to satisfy her regardless of your size, then read on.

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Today in things nobody in their right mind would ever want to do: Finding your porn doppelganger on a webcam porn site.

Thanks to the magic of facial recognition technology, sex search engine Megacams is making it possible to fulfill your weirdest dreams. When you upload a portrait of yourself or anyone else, it processes the image and looks for webcam performers that look like the person in the photo.

The website uses a database of over 180,000 performers by combining live streaming sites like Chaturbate, Bongacams and LiveJasmin, so there’s a big chance there might be a match out there.

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Tinder has quickly become the place to go in pursuit of a relationship amassing more than 50 million users by the end of 2014.

But with so many singletons available the chances are that you will occasionally come across more unusual users of the app as these hilarious exchanges prove.

In a series of screen grabs Imgur user Gedogfx has shared some of the most amusing conversations to take place on the dating app.

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How to find wedded bliss

While scientists have yet to concoct a love potion, their research is providing some helpful tips for a successful marriage.

Marry a similar spender

Tightwads are likely to tie the knot with individuals who throw caution to the wind when spending money … often to the detriment of the marriage.

Scott Rick of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and his colleagues analyzed surveys of more than 1,000 married and unmarried adults and found that people tend to choose their spending opposites as romantic partners. The study also showed, however, that the financial opposites had greater conflicts over money and lower marital satisfaction in the long run than those whose spending tendencies were similar.

“Even though a spendthrift will have greater debt when married to another spendthrift than when married to a tightwad, the spendthrift is still less likely to argue about money with the other spendthrift,” Rick said.

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Oh, no wonder so many queer women are vegan.

Lesbian sex has been confounding people since the dawn of cucumbers. Throughout history, many theories have been put forth as to why a woman might like another women that way—ranging from mild (perhaps your mother ate too much celery) to curious (planetary alignment) to downright insane (a growth from the womb leading to a pseudo-penis). Read on to learn the most bizarre theories as to why a woman might want to have sex with another woman, and what “cures” were recommended.

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Robotics, artificial intelligence, haptic interfaces, and more. This isn’t just the future of technology, it’s the future of sex.

In mainstream culture, the discussion about sex toys has shifted from whispers at brunch to, well, an actual conversation. Just a few years ago, erotic products were relegated to back-alley shops and bottom drawers. Now they’re winning prestigious design awards, part of bestselling books and blockbuster films (thanks, E. L. James), and are so discrete that they’re worthy of outright display. Even Oprah’s got a page on her site dedicated to “intimate basics.”

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A gay teen is suing his former high school after its refusal to let him bring a date to homecoming.

Lance Sanderson has launched legal action against Christian Brothers High School (CBHS) in Memphis, Tennessee.

In his lawsuit, the 19-year-old argues that the all-boys private school violated anti-discrimination laws when he was denied permission to bring a boy to homecoming prom last year.

Despite straight students being allowed to bring girls from other schools, Mr Sanderson was told the school would not permit him to bring his same-sex date.

#1 Fantasize

PHD Carol Queen says to build up your sexual appetite during the day. “Your brain is an integral part of your sexuality, and you can fire up arousal just with your thoughts. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to actually want to do the things you think about in your fantasies, but they can still help fuel the fire for what you want to do.”

#2 Say It Out Loud

It may feel awkward, but you should say all of your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies out loud to help stimulate your body in preparation for sex!