As a photographer, you would expect to see a number of odd things. It immediately comes with the territory. However, weddings are imagined to be the ideally choreographed realization of the couple’s dreams. Fortunately for us, usually nothing goes as planned! Here are 29 of the

Here are 29 of the most ridiculous, unfortunate and absolutely awkward marriage photos you’ve ever seen.

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I just love sharing with my readers all the different ways that sexuality can be enjoyed. Whereas some people assume that there are just a few different things to do in the bedroom and a few different ways to execute them, I love opening their eyes to a whole diverse world of sexuality and sexual acts. One of the best places to go to learn about these things is the famous Kama Sutra. Everyone has at least heard of this ancient Indian text, but most people don’t know much about it other than it provides a wide variety of sex positions for couples. But the Kama Sutra is so much more than that! The text is dedicated to help men have happy marriages and it actually isn’t all about sex.

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Thousands of fans shared in the meta experience of watching Rihanna watch herself on television, which turned out to be a blast. Her reactions were hilarious, especially when a sex scene popped up onscreen and she recoiled at the “gross” kissing sounds. “This is so weird… oh my God… I can’t,” she said, at once both proud and mortified.

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A Texas high school teacher was grinning ear-to-ear for her mugshot after turning herself into police on Monday, accused of having sex with a male student.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes, 26, was suspended from her job as an anatomy and physiology teacher at Lockhart High School shortly after surrendering to police.

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Fowlkes – who is also married – allegedly engaged in “sexual content with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire” of the 17-year-old boy. She turned herself in hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband, smiling widely in her mugshot. 

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Adele interrupted her Sunday concert in Melbourne to invite two of her fans on the stage. One of them little knew that this will be a very important moment of his life.

The singer who is known for stopping her shows in order to let her fans propose on the stage, last weekend demonstrated her support for LGBT rights when she helped a same-sex couple get engaged. For Wade Nicholson-Doyle and his partner Chris, it was a dream come true. Watch the moving video below.

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CCTV footage of drunken couples having sex in an alleyway has gone viral after being posted on PornHub.

In total, five couples, and a threesome have become big hits on the site in the wake of footage being posted from The Point nightclub in Sunderland.

The videos have had more than 1.5 million views and have attracted hundreds of comments. How the people in the videos feel about their 15 minutes of fame is not yet known.

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Meet Samantha, the first sex robot that likes to be touched and can fall in love.

According to Samantha’s creator, an engineer Sergi Santos from Barcelona, the sex robot is romantic, fully interactive and likes to be touched.

The AI robot speaks with an American accent and has long, brown hair and beautiful green eyes. It has functioning mouth and vagina, according to Santos. Parts of Samantha’s body are covered by sensors and that’s why she likes to be touched and she answers to caresses with arousing phrases like “I’m on for you all the time”.

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A woman has revealed what it’s like to ‘get intimate’ with a male sex doll as experts predict that AI in the bedroom will be normal within 25 years.

Karley Sciortino, 31, explored the doll’s capabilities over a 20-minute session. The doll, Gabriel, was 5ft 9 inches with real pubic hair and his penis even had ‘flaccid’ and ‘erect’ options.

Sex columnist for both Vogue and Vice, Sciortino, said that it felt very real: “I feel like I am on a Tinder date.

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“It feels weird because it is so lifelike but it enters this space which feels uncomfortable.

“It feels like a real person who can’t respond to you.”

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Blame it on the economic crisis, but this new barter system is truly disturbing.

The piece of information we are about to share with you might look like a plot straight out of a cheesy sex comedy, but it’s not. This is a sad reality.

Women in Russia are offering sex in exchange for manual labor, and that includes services rendered by plumbers, car mechanics, handymen, etc. According to a report by Daily Mail, the ‘new trend’ in the Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, is blamed on falling income levels in Vladimir Putin’s country.

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Jay Shetty is a a guy who used to be a Monk and now is an influencer, speaker, motivational philosopher and a Award Winning Host who’s goal is to make the wisdom go viral. He has some fantastic relationship advice for everyone who is willing to take time to work on their sentimental life, for everyone who wants to improve their life and find someone who inspires them and makes them want to be at their best.

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“In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.” –Nora Ephron

Is there anything sexier than knowing the dirty sex fantasies of the woman you desire? Sure, men think about sex all the time, but it’s assumed that women rarely think about it. Is that true? Absolutely not! Women, just like men have ongoing fantasies that think about often. So, I bet you what to know what really gets your lady hot and bothered. Well, while I can’t tell you exactly what she secretly wants, I can share with you the top ten female fantasies. Chances are, her fantasy is on the list.