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Leave it to dating apps to create a “safe space” for online bullies and cyber assholes to wreak havoc on unsuspecting users. One woman recently had an unfortunate encounter with one those jerks on Tinder. She opened the dating app to find a cruel slew of messages in her inbox sent by a 23-year-old raging asshole named Connor. A word to the wise: Never trust a guy who zips up his quarter-zip hoodie.

There are multiple ways to spice up your sex life, and one of those ways is to try out new sex positions. It’s fun to switching things up because the same stuff gets pretty boring. Plus, different positions give you different pleasure, and that’s always good. Sex shouldn’t be dangerous, sex supposed to be fun for everyone. You shouldn’t have to be very fit to get down and dirty, but some sex positions make you feel that way. I won’t be happy in the next morning if I pulled a muscle because of last night great sex. That’s why it’s important to avoid weird and dangerous positions that could potentially harm you.

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Cody asked girls in college for sex during Spring Break at Lake Havasu. These hot college girls were awesome and this turned out the be a great college humor prank! You’ll never guess what these hot college girls had to say when Cody said, “Will you have sex with me?” You would have thought some just had sex! This asking for sex Spring Break edition is related to our asking 100 girls for sex and asking guys for sex videos. I hope you enjoy!

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A Connecticut high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having sex “a handful of times” with a special education student, then denying and destroying evidence of the acts.

Laura Ramos, 31, was charged Tuesday with second-degree sexual assault, according to the Connecticut Post. Police arrested Ramos, who is a wife and a mother after she admitted to having sex with an 18-year-old student while she was teaching at Central High School in Bridgeport. 

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Jess was heartbroken to be separated from Dom… but slept with Mike hours later.

LOVE Island’s Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis had sex just hours after being booted off the show.

Jess’s exit left her partner Dominic Lever heartbroken, in tears and threatening to quit the ITV2 hit show to be with her – as he can’t face living in the villa without her.

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When new information comes out about sexuality I like to share it with my readers here on my website. After all, the more we know about sex, the better we will be at it. Unfortunately, there is very little research done on sexuality and even less on female sexuality and pleasure. So when I have good and juicy information to share, I can’t wait to do so! One of the least researched topics in female sexuality is female ejaculation and that’s why I’m especially excited to share a new study with you today.


It’s a love story that can make us all proud.

Nick Cardello and Kurt English have set the internet ablaze by posting matching pictures — 24 years apart — of an iconic kiss that has generated over 600,000 likes and 152,000 retweets in just two days.

And almost no hate. Finally.

English, 52, is the man on the right, being kissed by Cardello, 54. The couple started dating in 1992 — and remain together.

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Do tween fashion trends push girls to mature too fast? Parents share their concerns about their daughters’ sexy attire, marketing to young girls even before they hit puberty.

Kids seem to be growing up faster than ever, and these stories highlight the youngest age group acting like adults “too young, too soon” (TYTS). Kids are exposed to many more influences and bad behaviors through television, film, and access to the internet. Are celebrities bad role models for young impressionable children? Between stories of teenage gunmen who are not old enough to carry their weapons, toddlers in tiaras, crazy dance moms, and kids getting plastic surgery as birthday presents, it’s easy to see that maybe growing up too fast can hurt rather than help kids.


She’s making waves in Hollywood with her first major film role in Once Upon A Time In Venice.

And Jessica Gomes stripped off for a very steamy sex scene with co-star Bruce Willis in the new action movie.

The model turned actress, 32, displayed her perky assets as her character Nola enjoyed a romp with private detective Steve Ford, played by 62-year-old Bruce.

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The couple is set to be married before the end of the year, and even Andrew’s 78-year-old mum is on-board with the wedding.

FOR most of us, it’s impossible to imagine a relationship with someone who has sex with five other people every day.

But civil servant Andrew Hamer, 48, doesn’t seem to mind, and is about to marry a woman who does just that – and who he first met as a customer.

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My wife’s email was brief.

Hi everybody. I’m so sorry, but we’re having a bit of an emergency at work. We might have to cancel tonight. Will let you know soon. Ann

It was addressed to me as well as our intended dinner guests for the evening. She had been enthusiastic about having them over, so I knew it had to be important if she was considering canceling. I tried calling her to see if she was OK, but after getting transferred to her recorded message a few times, I wrote her an email instead.