‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves has opened up his thoughts on gender reassignment surgery to an Italian chat show saying one day he may become a ‘Barbie’.

The 35-year-old TV personality recently appeared on Italian talk show Domenica Live, hosted by Barbara D’Urso.

With his striking appearance, Rodrigo is well used to courting controversy, however, his surprise admission still caused quite a stir.

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The newest Neflix movie that stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood is called ‘Gerald’s Game’  and it is a psychological horror based on Stephen King’s novel. The film will premiere on September 29 on Netflix.

When a kinky sex, which supposed to help rekindle a married couple finishes with the husband dead and wife handcuffed to the bed and all of that in the remote retreat, you know you’re for a treat. 


A Missouri man impersonating a pornography producer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for conning two dozen women into having sex with him by saying they were rehearsing for roles in adult films.

Mario Ambrose Antoine, 34,  a disgraced wedding photographer with a history of deceptive business activities, was sentenced Wednesday for wire fraud.

Prosecutors said most of Antoine’s victims were in financially vulnerable and he promised to pay them tens of thousands of dollars to appear in porn films that would be available only on private websites overseas.

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3 reasons we get trapped in the past – and the way out.

In the three years since Sabrina, now 29, and her boyfriend of one year parted ways, she remained heartbroken and unable to truly move on. While friends and family urged her to let the memory of her ex go, she secretly held out hope that one day he would return. He, on the other hand, had moved on swiftly after the split and began dating happily without giving her much thought at all.

Why do some suffer in the aftermath of a breakup, while others seem not only to survive but thrive?

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Like most guys, I couldn’t wait to get my new bride back to our room on our wedding night. The ceremony was wonderful; the reception was a lot of fun. But… I had big plans, and the fun was just getting started.

You see, unlike most guys, I’d spent the week before the wedding finding three strangers on Craigslist to fuck my wife every which way, while I got it all on video.

After the reception, we headed back to our room at the inn where the ceremony was held. I’d given one of the guys the key, and, all three of them – Mick, Tom, and Luke, were their names if it matters – were waiting for us. They were already naked and ready.

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What makes a sex scene legendary? Is it the chemistry? Realism? Nipples? or Maybe you know it when you actually see it or do it. Well, with That being said, the best Best Sex Scenes on film, is just a click away from your average Porn Hub video. So here we are with our top ten timeless celebrity sex scenes of all TIME. So grab a beer, grab a bottle of Jergens and some tissue, because it’s about to go down.

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“Talking dirty to someone is an art, but to be able to back it up is a gift.” — Unknown

Talking dirty is a special form of seduction that not everyone uses, but they should. In my last article, we started the discussion on talking dirty. It doesn’t come easy to every man or woman out there and even those of us that are old pros can use a few tips and pointers now and then. Today we’re going to get down to specifics. Ok, I’ve got my confidence and my technique down, but what the heck do I say? Here’s where to start…

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In this episode of ‘Slutever,’ host Karley Sciortino investigates this culturally taboo therapeutic treatment and meets the clients and practitioners straddling the line between therapy and sex work.

For people with physical disabilities, issues with sexual function, or a total lack of experience, the path to getting off can be isolating and just plain awkward. However, a group of sex surrogates has pioneered a radical hands-on approach called “medically assisted sexuality” to help fulfill the intimacy needs of people with handicaps.

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How wise you are, Notorious RBG.

It should come as a surprise to no one that the notorious RBG has some great life advice.

On February 6, the Supreme Court Justice sat down with Stanford University’s Dean for Religious Life, Jane Shaw, to discuss Ginsburg’s accomplishments, her recent book My Own Words, and to share some of the best advice she’s ever received.

The final chapter of Fifty Shades begins next Valentine’s Day…

On 14 February 2018 Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele return in Fifty Shades Freed – third chapter of the bestselling Fifty Shades.

The protagonists played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson finally make it official and get married. But the trailer shows that the romance isn’t dead there. We can again expect plenty of steamy sex scenes with a hint of sadomasochistic practices and there will be also action and danger as we can see Christian pointing gun at one of his ex-lovers.

#2 has definitely crossed our minds more than once.

If we’re really into a guy, we love to make him feel good, and sometimes that means doling out some oral sex. But it’s not always an easy feat. So is it wrong that we just wish some guys were a little more aware of what it’s like?Here, the 12 things we want dudes to know about BJs. Gentlemen, note taking is encouraged.

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This time, the guys from whatever managed to engage Johnny Knoxville himself in teaching Brian how to how to talk to girls. “A god friend of mine told me: talking, laughing, fucking.” or “Liquor always helps, plow them with liquor that loosens them up.” That’s just two of many tips about picking up girls that Johnny shared.

Do you think Knoxville could be a dating coach? Well, watch the video below to see…

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Sex robots are coming. There is no question about it. We’re not talking about blow up sex dolls or realistic vaginas or dildos nor are we talking about robots with metals and plastics exposed but sex robots modeled after humans. A working sex robot would be a huge technological breakthrough, especially if it has artificial intelligence, but not without backlash, which we’re already seeing plenty of.

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What happens in your head when you get flogged? Scientific researchers and professional dominatrixes talk about endorphins and all the other neurochemicals that make bondage so delightful.

There’s no denying that understanding how the human body works can lead to some intense sex. After all, as clichéd as it is, the brain is the biggest erogenous zone—and BDSM is no different.