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Ratna was writing away in her records and looked up only to say hello before diving back into her work; Anupama could very well have been holding a mic and addressing a gathering because she had taken on the role of their spokesperson, speaking to us with conviction and sincerity that could shame any politician; and Urmila’s warm and unfaltering smile was a potent contagion in the room.


Most people aren’t getting enough sex, and they don’t know what to do about it. Dr. NerdLove steps in to examine the problem and offer solutions.

One of the ongoing complaints I see amongst my readers and in society, in general, is sex. Most people aren’t getting laid enough… and they don’t know what to do about it. Whether it’s a case of chasing after numbers, finding a no-strings-attached hook-up, a lack of nookie in a committed relationship or even just managing to lose one’s virginity, it often seems like sexual fulfillment is something that happens to other people.


If you or your partner isn’t in the mood tonight, it very well might be because of something you ate.

Have you ever been in a car where the driver keeps hitting the brakes? It can be sheer torture, right? That’s what these foods are to your sex drive, which is typically fueled by testosterone. We often think of it as a hormone that men have zipping through their bodies. Estrogen, on the other hand, we mainly consider to be a female hormone.

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Some moms are very open about discussing sex with their daughters, while others are more reserved when it comes to this sometimes touchy subject. Over the course of your mom’s lifetime, the way American society views sex has changed: the invention of the Pill ushered in the sexual revolution, the AIDS epidemic hammered home the importance of safe sex, and the rise of online dating and dating apps has changed the way people get together. Whatever your mom’s advice on sex may be, it’s worth listening to. Sure, dating was different in a lot of ways when she was younger — but a lot has stayed the same, especially when it comes to hooking up.

By Jane Ridley,

A few minutes after her late-night booty call had left, Erica Garza turned on her laptop to watch a raunchy video.

She finally brought herself to orgasm twice after being “too tired” to climax with her visitor.

The particular scene featured a teenage cheerleader having sex with her stepfather while her mother showered upstairs. It was tame compared to Garza’s favorite film, which showed a gangbang at a factory in which two women were ritually humiliated.

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A man died in the sex-dungeon basement of a top Hollywood exec while he was being mummified in plastic wrap and gaffer’s tape.

Doran George, 47, suffered a ‘sudden death during recreational mummification bondage’ at the Los Angeles Home of Skip Chasey on November 22, according to the LA coroner and reported by podcaster Mark Ebner

By William Berry, LMHC., CAP.

Many who believe their love is normal are instead acting out an addiction.

My last post focused on sex addiction. An addiction closely related to sex addiction is “love” addiction. Love is in quotes, as those who are addicted are usually not referring to actual healthy love. Sex and love addiction are so commonly bonded that there is a 12-step support group for the combination: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA). Both love addiction and sex addiction are often viewed as disorders of intimacy.


This weekend I went to brunch with a few of my best girlfriends. After catching up on our personal lives the conversation turned to sex, as it always does with my friends! One of them was complaining, “if there was only a way to directly tell men what they’re doing wrong or what I want without offending them.” Even though I talked to them about how there were ways to communicate your needs without offending, they insisted that some men would just take it badly if their woman told them what to do in bed. What do you think, guys? Are my friends right?


The year I discovered kink, shortly after my 18th birthday, I met a Dom who I desperately wanted to impress, who we’ll call P. P. was more than twenty years older than me. We’d fooled around once at a club and we had a good time, so I wanted more. This was long before the Internet was a reliable source for information about kink safety, and I was dumb, horny, and inexperienced. I was also insecure, and I wanted to be a good submissive for him, whatever that meant.

By Danielle Page,

Seven Pro Tips To Help You Get It Up For Round 2

You’ve been there before. You’ve just spent what you thought was a sufficient amount of time doing the deed with your woman – to the point where you both collapse post-orgasm, sweaty and satisfied. But a few minutes later, she’s ready to go again. And you want to, you really do. It’s just that your member isn’t exactly cooperating.