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Who says erotic massage has to be limited to one’s back? Or just touching and kneading? There are plenty of erogenous zones that are perfect for a sensuous, sexy massage. There are diverse arrays of body parts where both women and men get aroused and you don’t have to use solely your hands. Ever wonder what those spots are? Well today is your lucky day.

First off make sure your nails are clean and not jagged. Nothing will ruin a massage quicker than an even nail. Heat up some edible massage oil so you can not only rub and touch, but lick as well. Once you have your partner stripped down so their completely naked, you’re ready to begin. Here are some of the top erogenous zones for an erotic massage.

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Shocking video footage appears to show a young couple having sex on a motorbike as it speeds along a highway in Paraguay.

Another motorist spotted the horny couple and managed to film the highly dangerous and completely illegal act as they overtook the man and woman.

Police are reportedly investigating the footage, which was filmed in Encarnacion, Paraguay’s third largest city.

I have no idea what these people were thinking. There’s spicing up your sex life and making things a little more adventurous, but this is on another level entirely.

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Sex is not only healthy for the body, it’s also an excellent way to build and maintain a good relationship with your partner. One town official in Sweden is going above and beyond to ensure that his citizens have as much sex as possible. According to recent reports, Per-Erik Muskos of Overtornea wants Swedes to get an hour-long paid break from work to spend time with their partners, in others words, a paid “sex-break.”

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Ladies, we all know that taking on a huge penis can be a tough job. But with a few easy tricks, you can make it fun…

#1 It’s Not So Bad

First thing’s first, you need to accept that your situation isn’t that bad. Because, hey, a lot of girls out there would kill to be in your position. There are plenty of girls out there who have to make due with guys who have small dicks, so try to look at the glass like it’s half full instead of half empty… Or half erect instead of half soft…


We asked an expert, and a few people in their early 20s, whether they think there’s truth to the theory that men expect oral sex without wanting to lick back.

Ten years ago, a bunch of researchers exploring condom use in the UK stumbled across something more interesting. Their study uncovered that British teens agreed that women expected oral sex much less than men – 20 percent of women, versus 43 percent of men. Earlier this year, researchers Ruth Lewis and Cicely Marston found that things were more complex – and contradictory – when they interviewed 16- to 18-year-olds for a study of their own, to find out their attitudes.


State legalization of same-sex marriage appears to be linked to a decrease in adolescent suicide, based on a new analysis published today in JAMA Pediatrics. The results give more context to the potential effects of social policy on mental health.

The researchers found that suicide attempts by high school students decreased by 7 percent in states after they passed laws to legalize same-sex marriage, before the Supreme Court legalized it nationwide in 2015. Among LGB high school students, the decrease was especially concentrated, with suicide attempts falling by 14 percent.

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Warning!! These 53 hot photos of beautiful girls will make you fall in love with winter!

Only a month left till the spring season starts. Most of us are really looking forward to that. For us, in Mallorca, though this year’s winter was incredibly short. This week temperatures will hit more than 20 degrees and although I’m happy about it, this also makes me a bit nostalgic of my own country still covered in snow. Hence the idea for today’s post, which celebrates white winter and hot women.

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And how many gay guys like watching straight porn?

People tend to believe sexuality in straight and gay men is a lot more rigid than women’s, but perhaps that’s not the case.

In new research, it found a lot more straight guys are watching gay porn than you might think. And on the other hand, many more gay guys are watching a straight couple on screen as well.

Published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers led by Martin J Downing surveyed 821 men about their porn-viewing habits.

It found 21% of heterosexual men had watched same-sex male porn in the past six months, compared to 98.3% of gay men and 96% of bi men.

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A third sex scandal in two years has hit elite Brooklyn Technical HS with the ouster of a music teacher accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with her male student, The Post has learned.

The married Marisa Cazanave, 33, and the teen both denied any sexual contact, but dozens of texts and e-mails found by the boy’s mom revealed the pair was in love and planned a rendezvous, the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation reported.

How you made me come the first time

You look at me from across the table with hushed appreciation. The night is just beginning and you gaze lovingly at my face, as if soaking up the sunshine of my features. All is love in its purest form yet and sex is still a world apart.

We start drinking and your gaze feels confident enough to rest upon my breasts. I see a hint of desire playing across your face and that gives me a little contraction of pleasure just below my hips. My mouth can’t contain itself and extends in a playful grin.

I start drawing your attention to my hair, lips, and breasts with a series of caressing movements: playfully applying lipstick, running my fingers through my hair, not noticing the buttons on my shirt coming undone and starting to show the lace on my bra.

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A shared sense of humor and compromise are important parts of a lasting and happy marriage. It’s great when you find a person with whom you can laugh at the funniness of your everyday life and sometimes also laugh at each other.

shared sense of humor and compromise are important parts of a lasting and happy marriage. It’s great when you find a person with whom you can laugh at the funniness of your everyday life and sometimes also laugh at each other.

As for compromise, well from time to time it means doing things that otherwise we wouldn’t. Nowadays though you can have a laugh about it on social media like Twitter and be sure that you’ll resonate with married people everywhere. To prove that point (and for your reading pleasure) we assembled 22 funny tweets.

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If you’re one of the many people who succumbed to the seductive charms of Fifty Shades Darker over the past week, you may have noticed a few things. Ana is smarter and more empowered in this movie, for instance. Surprisingly, considering the source material, there are some genuinely feminist undertones.

Most importantly, though, the giant knob which controls the sex quota has been turned up to eleven, meaning Darker is now tripping on discarded underwear all over the joint and can’t stop thrusting Christian into Ana’s eager embrace.

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Here’s how to know it’s really bad.

#1 Lack Of Foreplay

My guy just goes straight for the target, bypassing foreplay all together. Not a kiss, not a lick, not a fondle. He just slaps on some lube and penetrates me.

Claire – 25

#2 No Enthusiasm

My guy shows no enthusiasm during sex. There is no moaning, no sexy talk, and no energy. It’s just in and out, in and out, until he cums.

Lena – 31