In the age of instant messages and phone texting it can be quite easy to send messages that you wished you hadn’t 5 seconds after you hit send. It happens to us all, but there is a way to prevent that from happening… by being aware of the worst offenders when it comes to text messages. Take a look at the 3 text messages that men should never send to a woman to help to avoid sending them yourself in the future.

The Offender: Sending a generic text like “Hey, want to come over and hang out?” after 11pm.

What You’re Thinking: Let’s be honest about 99% of the time this kind of text late at night is a booty call and you’re thinking about sex, plain and simple.

By Jesse Donaldson,

All of us have something about our bodies we don’t like. Maybe you grew up wearing T-shirts in the swimming pool, or you’ve only recently started to outgrow all your pants. Point is, body-image issues can strike at any time, and have surprisingly little to do with outward appearances.

As it turns out, even without pounding kale smoothies or working out 16 hours a day, you can still feel empowered without your clothes on. And nobody knows this better than the folks who spend a lot of time being naked themselves.

VICE reached out to a few people who get naked for fun and profit, and got their views on empowerment, flesh-cages, and how to feel comfortable in your own skin—even while showing it to a whole lot of other people.

By Sophia Rosenbaum,

It’s the first rule of team diving: Never go down without your partner.

Yet a pair of synchronized divers from Brazil split up this week after one of them kicked the other out of their Olympic Village dorm room to engage in a “marathon sex session” on the eve of their competition, according to reports.

Giovanna Pedroso, 17, says she was forced to spend the whole night before her event wandering around outside her room while her partner, 20-year-old Ingrid Oliveira, got wet and wild with a male canoeist named Pedro Goncalves.

The long night for both teammates showed the next day at the Olympic diving pool. The women came in dead last in the 10-meter synchronized event, with a performance that reportedly drew laughs from the crowd.

By Pete Williams for NBC News,

A Wyoming judge urged the state’s Supreme Court Wednesday to let her remain on the bench despite her publicly stated refusal to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, citing religious objections.

The state’s judicial ethics commission recommended that Ruth Neely be relieved of her position as a magistrate in the small northwestern Wyoming town of Pinedale, after she told the local newspaper that she would “not be able to do” marriage ceremonies for gay couples.

“When law and religion conflict, choices have to be made,” she told the Pinedale Roundup.

In a letter to the state’s judicial ethics advisory committee, she wrote, “Homosexuality is a named sin in the Bible, as are drunkenness, thievery, lying, and the like. I can no more officiate at a same-sex wedding than I can buy beer for the alcoholic.”

By Siobhan Fenton,

Exploitative adverts are offering homeless women free accommodation in exchange for sex, a homelessness charity has warned.

Shelter issued the warning after a number of “sordid” adverts were posted on online listings website Craigslist.

One of the adverts highlighted by the charity states: “If any young female student is in need of free of charge accommodation and is prepared to act as a ‘resource’ in return, then please provide full personal details and a recent pic and reply from your own private e-mail address please. No pic, no reply.”

Another states: “If there is any homeless single stunning females who are out there seeking to save or seeking to be re-housed by a friendly genuine white britisg guy then look no further. I offer a genuine offer to any young single hot sexy female of any nationality or culture to house share with me free rent free. [sic]”

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The horror that befell Oscarina Busse’s backside began in July 2009. The 35-year-old Floridian felt a dull but persistent itch deep in the meat of her buttocks, one that was impossible to scratch.

It wasn’t long before Oscarina noticed that her butt was changing colors—first turning purple, like a throbbing finger that had been wrapped too tightly with string, and then a cadaverous gray. From there, things got much worse. Her flesh started to crust and painfully peel off until, a few months later, the whole mess collapsed like a badly baked cake. The cheeks of her ass drooped down, loaded with a stew of poisonous goop that collected around her lower buttocks. What had once stood high and felt supple to the touch had become hot and hard and stinging. Oscarina’s derrière had transformed so much that it no longer looked like it was part of a human’s body; her five-year-old daughter mistook her fluid-filled cheeks for a poopy diaper, calling it a “full Pamper.”

By Jenny Block,

I get so many emails from women who are frustrated in the bedroom. They aren’t getting off and they aren’t sure how to talk to the men in their lives about how to fix it without bruising their egos. And many of them are faking orgasm, leaving their partners in a tough spot. The men they are with think they are doing all the right things. And why wouldn’t they?

Heterosexual sex is a cruel game in some ways. The very act that men dig can leave women far less than satisfied. Men’s and women’s bodies work very differently, and as much as we are surrounded by sex, we rarely talk about it, really talk about it, the way we need to. So, in the name of making things easier for both camps, here are the seven things women wish men knew about sex.

By Sarah Buchanan,

EATING this fruit could revamp your sex life in a big way.

Ladies wishing to rev up their libido should look no further than the fruit bowl.

A humble apple has the power to boost her sexual appetite, stimulate arousal and increase sexual pleasure.

Researchers tracked 731 Italian ladies aged between 18 and 43 and found that women who ate more than one apple a day had hotter sex lives as compared to those who ate less than one.

The study, published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics journal, asked ladies 19 questions about their bedroom activities.

By Milan Vesso,

No matter how much we might want to whine or complain, the truth is that men and women can’t live without each other. There are also certain women out there who are total specialists at playing men like a fiddle. They know what men like, and they know the things to wear, how to behave and what to say to get men hooked from first sight. Some women just simply know how to dress in order to attract the opposite sex.

In the following article, we talk about several items of clothing that men find absolutely irresistible on a woman. They are mostly simple items of clothing – short shorts, knee-high socks, gym pants, etc. But there is something about these garments that get men aroused and totally love crazy. Without further ado, check out the article below.

Ohio officers arrested a man after a witness said she saw him trying to have sex with a parked van.

Affiliate WDTN reports that officers were called to St. Nicholas Street around 8 p.m. Tuesday on a report that a man was pulling his pants down and swinging on a stop sign.

According to a police reporter, a witness told officers that she saw the man stand near a parked van, pulls his shorts down, and place his genitals in the front grill of the van.

By Hannah Ewens,

Civilian to porn star; it’s a route most travel via casting couches and cum shots. However, for Luke-Kristopher Davis – a 21-year-old physics student at Swansea University – everything happened the fairytale way: while spending a year in Spain, he was whisked off his feet by director Erika Lust, who cast him in two of her films.

Luke-Kristopher’s now back in the UK, but besides his bio on Erika’s site – which says he “dances and attends university when he is not wowing us with his great smile” – I didn’t know much about him or his accidental foray into porn, so I gave him a call to talk it over.