20 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Tips For Him and Her – Guaranteed To Give You Epic Orgasms


Forget that course on tax accounting – delivering mind-blowing oral sex is the one skill that everyone needs. If you’re a wizard down there, you’re going to have a much better sex life, more fulfilling relationships, and (probably) world peace. Think it’s too difficult? Think again. With these 20 simple tips – for both guys and girls – the only thing hard will be you.

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1. The F-Spot

Lord knows why it’s called the F-Spot, but the strip of skin on the underside of the penis is a real thing – and really sensitive. With a bit of deft finger work (think a very dirty Mozart) while the rest of it is getting attention, the sensations will be out of control.

2. Suck On The Clitoris

We’re not talking about penises. This one’s for the ladies, to give the clitoris some real pressure. In between all that dainty licking, try sucking on the clitoris for some extra intensity. Just don’t go crazy – you’re trying to get it off, not pull it off.

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3. Work The Ridge

We’re sure that everyone’s had the idea to work that bit where the tip of the penis meets the shaft, but do you know exactly what to do with it? Here’s a tip: cover your teeth with your lips and clamp down on it, but not too hard. Then release and do it again. And again. And just one more time pretty please don’t ever stop.

4. The Hole In One

Alfred Kinsey might have known about it for a long time (trust us, don’t ever google “Kinsey toothbrush”), but many others still don’t: the urethra opening (the hole at the tip of the penis, for non-scientists) is very, very sensitive. A little tip of the tongue there, and you’re sure to surprise your man – and delight him.

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5. Don’t Forget The Balls

They’re unsightly, hairy, and one’s a little lower than the other, but in the bedroom, they’re your best friends. So don’t forget to include his egg-shaped buddies when you’re working on him. Do whatever you need to do – suck, lick, and caress – and he’ll pretty much melt. Guaranteed.

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6. Put Some Bubbles In Your Mouth

If you’re looking for a way to add a little, well, fizz to the proceedings, give champagne a try. Put some in your mouth while you’re going down and the bubbles will an extra, and very welcome, a layer of sensation. Doesn’t have to be champagne – any soda will do, or even popping candy. Though you’ll have to clean that one up. With your tongue.

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