Warning labels in Canada and Europe said the pill used to treat depression could unleash destructive behaviors, but no one told Americans until thousands of them said it was too late.

A year after her father took hostages and committed suicide by cop, Lucy kept freezing in the supermarket aisle.

“I couldn’t breathe, literally, my husband would often have to come pick me up from whatever aisle of the store I was stuck in and drive me home,” the traumatized daughter confided in a letter she wrote to her attorney that he provided to The Daily Beast.

By Priscilla Frank for Huffington Post,

Artist Alexandra Rubinstein wants to change how women view their sexual desires. And Drake is here to help.

“The square root of 69 is eight-something, right?” Drake calculates in his verse on Rihanna’s 2010 song “What’s My Name.” He croons knowingly: “’Cause I’ve been tryna work it out.”

If you, too, have a thing for Jewish Canadian rappers, this might have been the moment you first started fantasizing about Drake’s skills at going down. 

by Wicked,

Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel married his partner Gunthier Destenay on Friday reports NPR, making him the very first EU leader, and second world leader, to marry a same-sex partner. Bettel is only the second openly gay leader in the EU, with former Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Eupio being the first.

Gay marriage was only recently legalized in Luxembourg, with “Bettel’s party winning a prominent spot in the ruling coalition after campaigning for same-sex marriage.”

By Gabrielle Moore,

I hope you are excited to get started on these sexy tips today, and take these ideas back to the bedroom to get your sexual mojo running.

So, here they are…

  1. Leave the lights on

Many people have sex in the dark.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you are missing out on one of the biggest types of stimulation: visual.  While guys may not have that much of a problem with leaving the lights on, women often tend to want to hide their bodies, as they feel insecure, and then can’t get out of their head and enjoy sex.

By Stephanie Shi,

Or stop all sorts of sexual activity.

1. The penis can lose its size and shape.

The penis has to be exercised, according to Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. That way, it can keep its shape and tone, since it will be enriched with oxygen as blood flows to the penis and makes it erect. It’s similar to how exercising keeps our muscles toned.

Shortening of the penis doesn’t happen in all cases, but it does occur. Men who can’t get erections due to physical trauma or damaged nerve of blood vessels are more prone to that. “If they don’t do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get shortening of the penis,” says Kohler. The penis can shrink 1 to 2 centimeters shorter.

By Morgan Harries,

Joseph Finegan is keen for everyone to know he’s just a normal guy who works at a nightclub and takes photographs in his spare time. It’s just that those photographs happen to be of guys having secretive sex parties, arranged through Craigslist and held in Manchester’s cheap hotels.

Last year, we asked Joe to write about his experience of taking the photos, and he got back in touch recently to let us know he’s releasing a book of his work. That book – Do Not Disturb – is out today, and Joe’s holding a pop-up exhibition at Doomed Gallery in Dalston tonight to celebrate its launch.

To see what’s changed in the year since we last heard from him, I gave him a call for a catch-up.

The Football Association has confirmed it is investigating allegations of sexual abuse in football.

Former footballers have come forward to say they were sexually abused as youth players.

Four police forces are investigating the allegations, and an NSPCC hotline has had more than 100 calls.

The FA said it was working closely with police, adding it “must ensure we do not do anything to interfere with or jeopardise the criminal process”.

The FA has instructed independent leading counsel Kate Gallafent QC, an expert in child protection, to assist with its review.

The internal review will look at what information the FA was aware of at relevant times, which clubs were aware and what action was, or should have been, taken.

By Barbara Diamond,

Jenna Levine, 19, is a student at Syracuse University. One night, she couldn’t get to sleep because her neighbors were being too loud with their “romantic activities.”

Knowing it was a sensitive and awkward thing to complain about, Jenna wanted to ask her neighbors to keep it down, but in a mature and polite way.

In a handwritten note she posted to Twitter, Jenna asked her neighbors in Room 338 to be a bit more quiet, so as not to remind her “of how alone I am.”

But Jenna was surprised when she noticed something being slipped back through her door in response…

Jenna Levine is a student at Syracuse University.

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If you’ve ever wondered why you aren’t getting more Tinder matches, there could be a depressing reason for it.

No, not just that you’re unattractive. It could have something to do with your name, according to one man who posted about his experience on Reddit.

While obviously not scientifically proven, his experience showed that people were less interested in him when he went by his Middle-Eastern name, raising questions about racism – whether conscious or not – on dating apps.


Carol Vorderman, everyone’s favourite TV mathematician, revealed her taste for kinky sex on I’m A Celebrity last night.

Whispering her secrets to Lisa Snowdon, the Countdown queen talked about how she bought whips and nipple tassels from lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as the twice-married mum of two admitted that she just loves sex and it’s the secret to how she keeps in such good shape.

By KaydM123,

Luke’s eyes roamed her body. She was bent over the bed, her legs spread, ready for him.

“Come on Luke. Fuck me!” She said, wriggling her ass. Looking over her shoulder at him. He walked up behind her, rubbing his cock between her folds.

“You want me? You want my cock, baby?” She whimpered. Their new found relationship was full of fire. They’d spoken about the possibility of dating a few days ago, but they always get side tracked, they struggled to keeps their hands off of each other.

“I want it. Please Luke, fuck me. I’m yours, I’m your little slut. Aren’t I?” She ground her ass and pussy against him. He groaned. He loved to work her up, tease her, talk dirty to her, make her beg.