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One hundred years ago, people had a very different idea of what it means to be heterosexual. Understanding that shift in thinking can tell us a lot about fluid sexual identities today, argues Brandon Ambrosino

The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.” More than two decades later, in 1923, Merriam Webster’s dictionary similarly defined it as “morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex.” It wasn’t until 1934 that heterosexuality was graced with the meaning we’re familiar with today: “manifestation of sexual passion for one of the opposite sex; normal sexuality.”

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As Charlie Tucker pulled into the parking lot of the school, he wondered, as he often did on Saturdays, what other seniors did on their Saturday nights. Was he missing out on anything that he would later regret? Wild parties, like in the movies, where parents were out of town and everything was chaos? Or were those types of parties just fiction and everyone was sitting at home on their computers or binging on TV?

He had two juniors assisting in the AV room, Dinesh and Michael, and those two had a crew of friends that seemed to go to the movies every weekend. Every Monday, they would be talking about the new movie they’d seen. Even if all the movies in the theater were crap, they’d go and see a crap movie.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised Germans and her own conservative party just three months before the Sept. 24 election by abruptly signaling her support for same-sex marriage — a major shift for the normally cautious leader.

Even though Germany, generally considered progressive on social issues, was one of the first European countries to legalize same-sex partnerships, in 2001, Merkel’s conservative-led government since 2005 repeatedly refused to consider granting full legal rights for same-sex unions because of staunch opposition from her party’s right wing.

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If you consider yourself straight but your sex fantasies involve other women every once in awhile (or a lot)—either during solo sex or when you’re with your partner you’re definitely not alone. One Boise State University study found that over half of straight women were attracted to other women, “lesbian” is the term women most commonly search for on Pornhub, and a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that most women physically responded to videos of both naked men and women. So why is this so common, and what does having another women in your sex fantasies say about you?

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Here’s how to get an O from a BJ.

For those of us who absolutely love giving blowjobs, the experience alone is hugely sexy. Feeling someone gets turned on and watching them get closer and closer to losing it is a powerful and, for lack of a better word, heady experience. However, plenty among us are not that into BJs, which is also completely fine — viva sisterhood and all that. For the BJ-averse (or anyone, really), here are some positions that do something for you while you’re toiling Down Under. Everybody’s a winner! Except the person who has to wash the sheets.

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Most women aren’t going to tell you to your face that one of your mattress moves isn’t hitting the mark… but I got them to tell me all about the techniques that usually leave them less than enthralled. I’m sure no one could ever accuse you of lacking in the sexual dynamo department, but despite your vast array of heated know-how, you may occasionally pull a move that, although good in theory, flops in reality, taking the wind right out of her sails. Hey, it’s ok, we’re all human. To help you cut down on mistake potential, I asked a bunch of ladies to reach back into their naughty pasts and dredge up some of their more, um, unsavory sexcapades. You might want to take notes.

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Leave it to dating apps to create a “safe space” for online bullies and cyber assholes to wreak havoc on unsuspecting users. One woman recently had an unfortunate encounter with one those jerks on Tinder. She opened the dating app to find a cruel slew of messages in her inbox sent by a 23-year-old raging asshole named Connor. A word to the wise: Never trust a guy who zips up his quarter-zip hoodie.

There are multiple ways to spice up your sex life, and one of those ways is to try out new sex positions. It’s fun to switching things up because the same stuff gets pretty boring. Plus, different positions give you different pleasure, and that’s always good. Sex shouldn’t be dangerous, sex supposed to be fun for everyone. You shouldn’t have to be very fit to get down and dirty, but some sex positions make you feel that way. I won’t be happy in the next morning if I pulled a muscle because of last night great sex. That’s why it’s important to avoid weird and dangerous positions that could potentially harm you.

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A Connecticut high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having sex “a handful of times” with a special education student, then denying and destroying evidence of the acts.

Laura Ramos, 31, was charged Tuesday with second-degree sexual assault, according to the Connecticut Post. Police arrested Ramos, who is a wife and a mother after she admitted to having sex with an 18-year-old student while she was teaching at Central High School in Bridgeport. 

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Jess was heartbroken to be separated from Dom… but slept with Mike hours later.

LOVE Island’s Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis had sex just hours after being booted off the show.

Jess’s exit left her partner Dominic Lever heartbroken, in tears and threatening to quit the ITV2 hit show to be with her – as he can’t face living in the villa without her.

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When new information comes out about sexuality I like to share it with my readers here on my website. After all, the more we know about sex, the better we will be at it. Unfortunately, there is very little research done on sexuality and even less on female sexuality and pleasure. So when I have good and juicy information to share, I can’t wait to do so! One of the least researched topics in female sexuality is female ejaculation and that’s why I’m especially excited to share a new study with you today.