4 Sex Positions To Get Out Of A Rut If Your Current Routine Is Boring


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Remember the first time sex actually felt good? You were probably post-coitally high on life, so excited to thrust again, and completely willing to have sex in missionary one million more times because, whatever, it ruled. Fast forward a few months of experience later, when you realized, oh, missionary is a little bit boring. It makes sense. Your first ice cream cone was probably orgasmic, but if you had a vanilla cone every night for dinner, you’d get bored (and sick). But just as there are many different flavors of ice cream, there are plenty of sex positions to get out of a sex rut, too.

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Your sex life can get still stale when you have been with a partner for a long time. Even if you have a steady rotation of less-than-traditional positions like doggy style or reverse cowgirl, the routine of it all can be predictable, and subsequently, draining. If your sex life is in a rut, you don’t need to put on a full three-act play complete with costumes and weird sex props (but also, go for it). Why not just try a totally weird and new position instead?

Think of these four new positions as experiments, and embark on them with zero expectations, except that you’ll be having one fewer nights of missionary-only sex this year.

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1. The Standing Wheelbarrow

Are you in one of those fit couples who jogs together and also knows how to do Crossfit? Better yet, can you both do headstands at yoga? If yes, the Standing Wheelbarrow is the position is for you.

First, the woman gets on her hands and knees, facing away from the man, who is standing. The male partner then lifts the woman’s ankles up and wraps them around his waist. The woman, with her hands still on the ground, is the “wheelbarrow” that the man penetrates. It’s fun to orgasm when your head is upside down.

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I like this position as a fun way to shake up a routine because it’s tricky, and it takes teamwork. Think of it as a piece of IKEA furniture you are both working together to piece together, only with less arguing and more pleasing. Also, safety first — make sure you have condoms and move any breakable furniture out of the way before giving this a whirl.

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2. The En-Counter

OK, so I a little bit named this one, but it’s a pretty simple maneuver that you’ve definitely seen in the movies: Simply have your partner hoist you up onto a counter — kitchen, bathroom, patio table, whatever — and get to it. The simple move of being lifted up is hot, and the angle at which your partner can penetrate you is even hotter.

Your mouths should be at a good level to kiss each other with, and your eyeballs should be at a good level to look deeply into one another’s eyes in (if that’s your thing). Plus, ladies get to sit in this position, so it’s great if you’re feeling a little lazy.

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