5 Sex Moves That Help You Last Longer

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“Anyone who is in love is making love the whole time, even when they’re not. When two bodies meet, it is just the cup overflowing. They can stay together for hours, even days. They begin the dance one day and finish it the next, or–such is the pleasure they experience–they may never finish it.” Paulo Coelho

If I had to choose the thing that most men worry about when it comes to sex and their performance, lasting long enough would be at the top of the list. A lot of men have unrealistic expectations for themselves on how long they should be able to last in bed. They might want to last an hour or two when their partner is perfectly happy with 10 minutes or even less!

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If lasting longer in bed has been a concern for you, check out the following sex moves that will help you to last as long as your partner wants. Most techniques out there involve something that will lessen the man’s pleasure in order to help him last longer, but these five techniques all

1. The 7 and 9 method

With this method the man does 7 fast in and out pumps then 9 slow in and out pumps. Then you repeat this over and over. It works really well to prolong sex, but this is a great technique because women love variation when it comes to speed. She will get great stimulation from you changing the speed back and forth.

2. Focused foreplay

If your issue is that you aren’t able to last as long as you need to in order for your partner to cum, you might need to rethink the way you’re doing foreplay. Women who are warmed up with really amazing foreplay are less likely to need marathon sex in order to get off. The sexual experience begins with that first kiss. Take your time with foreplay getting her really turned on. Tease her, it will help build sexual tension and anticipation. If lasting longer is a big issue for you, focus foreplay solely on her.

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3. Pull out

If you feel things start to get too intense and you’re getting closer to that point of no return, pull your penis out and rub the head up and down between the labia, moving it over the clitoris and between the lips. Insert just the tip and pull it back out a few times and the rub the head again up and down the labia. This won’t interupt her pleasure, but it will give you a few minutes of down time to regain control over your orgasm. The labia, clitoris and lower part of the vaginal canal are rich in nerve endings so what you’re doing will feel amazing for her, while giving you a little breather.

4. Don’t go deep

Some men find that deep thrusts make them cum faster. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are a lot of amazing nerve endings in the first part of the vaginal canal. You can concentrate your thrusting on this lower portion and it will drive her wild. Another great option is to alternate shallow thrusts with a few deeper thrusts to vary the sensations for her and give yourself some relief from the super intense deep thrusts.

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5. Have a focused mind

One of the things keeping men and women from fully enjoying sex is all the thoughts that go through our heads. Men who want to last longer worry so much about cumming too quickly that they pretty much guarantee that it will happen, or worse still, they lose their erection all together. RELAX. Sex should be about enjoying the amazing physical sensations your body is experiencing, not giving into anxiety and the crazy thoughts our brains come up with! When you find yourself overly focused on your performance, refocus your thoughts on what is physically happening to your body. Concentrate on the sensations. Force yourself to completely be inside your body.

Lasting longer is important to a lot of men and it is definitely within your power to be able to do it. Who says you have to do a whole bunch of things that are going to diminish your pleasure just so you can last longer? Not me! The above list will help you last longer and will increase pleasure for both of you. After all, I’m all about making sure that you and your partner are getting the most out of your sexual experiences.

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