A Quick Guide On How To Have Anal Sex (Video)


Video and text by PhilDot,

As couples keep on exploring when it comes to being extra intimate with each other, anal sex is likely to be desired and wanted but how ready are couples to leap into a further sexual exploration? Sex or bedroom play, however, should be spontaneous; as what other couples think, sex must not be boring so it should be wildly performed.

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Yes, that is not debatable, but remember, having an anal sex requires preparation, well, a sex training, so to say. Is that even necessary? Well, the answer is, again, a big YES! Couples who wish to explore and have anal sex should always be physically and emotionally conditioned before doing such sex, after all, couples who are yet to try are both anal sex beginners.

So here is a very useful sex tip for couples! ALWAYS, have a preparation and preparation means inserting your fingers into your anal, gradually from your pinky finger to index finger. Let your partner do the insertion and enjoy the glide as your partner touches your hole behind you. Once you feel the erotic pleasure, it is now time to level up the excitement and fun. So this is now the most awaited part – Using of anal sex training kit!

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Watch the video below for more info: