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Who says erotic massage has to be limited to one’s back? Or just touching and kneading? There are plenty of erogenous zones that are perfect for a sensuous, sexy massage. There are diverse arrays of body parts where both women and men get aroused and you don’t have to use solely your hands. Ever wonder what those spots are? Well today is your lucky day.

First off make sure your nails are clean and not jagged. Nothing will ruin a massage quicker than an even nail. Heat up some edible massage oil so you can not only rub and touch, but lick as well. Once you have your partner stripped down so their completely naked, you’re ready to begin. Here are some of the top erogenous zones for an erotic massage.

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Ladies, we all know that taking on a huge penis can be a tough job. But with a few easy tricks, you can make it fun…

#1 It’s Not So Bad

First thing’s first, you need to accept that your situation isn’t that bad. Because, hey, a lot of girls out there would kill to be in your position. There are plenty of girls out there who have to make due with guys who have small dicks, so try to look at the glass like it’s half full instead of half empty… Or half erect instead of half soft…

If you’re intimidated by the idea of threesomes, you’re not alone. You’re literally taking sex, which is also sort of intimidating in its own right, and adding someone else into the mix. It’s sex, but more difficult. If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking part in one before, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to get some personal advice from someone who knows their way around an old-fashioned ménages à trois. If nothing else, it might help lessen the anxiety. Keep reading to learn about the things no one tells you about threesomes, but should.

The way the female body work is still very often a mystery to men. Yes, women’s sexuality is very much different than your gentlemen and that’s why in order to help you solve that mystery we decided to assemble the best sex tips for guys.

  1. About 70% of sexually active females require stimulation of clitoris to achieve orgasm, during intercourse. There are certain sex positions like spooning and reverse cowgirl which make really easy for you to reach her clitoris and in this simple way maximize her excitement. 


And how you can cop those secrets for your own sexy times.

Fifty Shades Darker opens in theaters February 10th, and Christian and Ana’s explosive and boundary-breaking sex scenes will once again rile up audiences all over the world. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we all have to start somewhere, asked four erotic novelists for insight into what makes those sex scenes tick—and how to turn fiction into fact. The five tools you’ll need for amazing sex—according to author Tiffany Reisz? Tension, foreplay, emotion, creativity, and fearlessness. Let’s break them down.

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Lubricants are brilliant! Good ones reduce friction and make sex so much more enjoyable, especially for the female part of the population. I want to clarify the myth that women automatically become wet when excited and don’t need lubrication. Well, that of course, is the truth, but not always. There can be plenty of reasons why aroused woman experiences vaginal dryness. Some of these reasons are:

  • stress,
  • menstrual cycle,
  • menopause,
  • certain medicines like antihistamines or antidepressants
  • use of contraceptives
  • alcohol
  • cigarettes

And when is you who happen to suffer from vaginal dryness you know how uncomfortable and painful penetration can become.

Additional lubrication won’t only improve your sexual pleasure but also your partner’s according to a study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion (2013). The researchers found out that almost 50% of women and men who use lube admit that grease up makes reaching an orgasm easier.

Let’s just cut to the chase, guys: Whether you want to admit it, anal sex is something you’ve thought about more than just once. Sure, it’s dirty—in more ways than one—and it probably grosses you out a little bit, but it’s the forbidden fruit, and that’s what makes it so desirable.

Of course, no woman is just going to let you slip your penis up her anus without trust and communication. Hell, even after years or marriage, some ladies won’t even let her beau get near her back door.

And, while it’s something that men ponder and women never want to discuss, it’s something that you should at least understand—so here are the cold hard facts about it.

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Female pleasure is one of the mysteries of the ancient history of mankind, because it is still partially unsolved. But, beyond the legends there are safe spots. Here are some truths relating to achieving female orgasm:

Myth: Over age decrease chances of having an orgasm.

It’s not true. 70% of women who have reached 50 years experience orgasm normally, even those who have a stable relationship and more time with their partner receive more pleasure than in the past during sex.

Culmination benefits women both physically and emotionally in many ways, from reducing menstrual cramps to lessening stress. The female “O”; is a momentary phenomenon as only about 10% of women can culminate while with their partners and at least a quarter of women face problem this.

Every woman yearns to have it — but what precisely happens when they reach the peak point? How much do you know about what your body is doing when you reach that peak point? So here are quick ways that can help you understand your body while you’re working towards that peak: 

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#1 Queening

Queening is a position also known as sitting on your mans face – and it gets the name because you sit on your thrown whiel he treats you like royalty. Don’t be shy about telling him you want to try this position, because more than likely he’ll be extremely turned on to have you hovering over him.

#2 Doggy Style

Doggy style isn’t just for sex, it’s also an amazing way to feel oral sex the most…all you have to do is rock your hips back and forth as he dives face first.

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From start to finish, learn how to give a girl a handjob that will have her coming…and then coming back for more.

While the term handjob is usually used in reference to pleasuring a penis, there’s really no better way to describe giving someone with a vulva the same kind of pleasure. Why not call it fingering? Sure, you can, but that doesn’t really cover the intricacies involved in stimulating the entire vulva. As anyone with a vulva knows, a good handjob is about more than repeatedly inserting your fingers into a vagina.

Cue this ultimate guide. From start to finish, learn how to give a girl a handjob that will have her coming … and then coming back for more.

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Are your kids are starting to ask questions about sex? Are they curious about your own sordid past? This is a critical moment in your child’s life, so you must handle it carefully without letting them know about, you know, when Mommy was a big ol’ hoebag. Follow these tips to make sure you teach your kids about the birds and the bees, but NOT about how Mommy used to be a hoe back in her day.

Be Vague

When it comes to big topics like sex, clarity is very important, but not as important as making sure your kids never find out about the shit you were up to in ‘02. So go with something simple like, “If both partners consent, he puts his thing in her thing.” End it right there. Do not continue with, “And hopefully they BOTH get to get to enjoy it, though it took mommy many years and dozens of partners to learn her body.” No anecdotes! Hopefully, they will learn themselves, but they do not need to hear it from your ex-hoe mouth.

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Who doesn’t want to be the best lover on the block? Well, if you want to become her sex god, you need to learn about all orgasms your lady can experience:

1. A clitoral orgasm is one of the easiest orgasms to achieve. Often, all you need to do is to stimulate her clit – the main nerve center of female reproductive organs. You can find it at the top of her outer labia and stimulate it in a wide variety of ways, using toys, fingers, friction, and vibrations! Younger women experience this very fast.

  1. The second orgasm is called vaginal. You can give it to her during regular sex or while playing with a vibrator. Powerful on its own, this can be even multiplied in its strength when paired with clitoral stimulation to create blended climax. Older women are more prone to having this kind of a climax.