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Warning!! These 53 hot photos of beautiful girls will make you fall in love with winter!

Only a month left till the spring season starts. Most of us are really looking forward to that. For us, in Mallorca, though this year’s winter was incredibly short. This week temperatures will hit more than 20 degrees and although I’m happy about it, this also makes me a bit nostalgic of my own country still covered in snow. Hence the idea for today’s post, which celebrates white winter and hot women.

How you made me come the first time

You look at me from across the table with hushed appreciation. The night is just beginning and you gaze lovingly at my face, as if soaking up the sunshine of my features. All is love in its purest form yet and sex is still a world apart.

We start drinking and your gaze feels confident enough to rest upon my breasts. I see a hint of desire playing across your face and that gives me a little contraction of pleasure just below my hips. My mouth can’t contain itself and extends in a playful grin.

I start drawing your attention to my hair, lips, and breasts with a series of caressing movements: playfully applying lipstick, running my fingers through my hair, not noticing the buttons on my shirt coming undone and starting to show the lace on my bra.

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Mia stepped out of her shower and started toweling her body. She took a great time and care to make sure her tits and her snatch were dry. She admired the sight of her tits in the mirror. They were full and firm, she was sure she was going to need d-cups soon. Who would have thought that her flat-chested mom could produce a daughter with such big tits? Ever since she and her best friend Sharon had started trying out lesbian sex her nipples had grown and were almost like cherries when erect. The thought of the things she and Sharon had done together made her feel a familiar tingle. Sharon and Mia had started playing with each other’s pussies. First, they’d fingered, then they’d sucked and now – whenever they had a sleepover – they’d spend most of the night fucking each other. Well, Mia could use a strap-on on Sharon, but since Mia was still a virgin it didn’t work the other way. Neither of them considered themselves lesbians, it was just that their respective parents refused to let them have boyfriends so it was a temporary means of getting an orgasm.

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MILFS (Mothers I’d Like to Fuck) are taking over the porn sites. The reason for that is simple. Mature women are becoming increasingly sexier. They not only take better care of themselves, but they also are more sexually confident and lascivious than previous generations of females. They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to reach for it.

These are probably the reasons why so many young guys nowadays feel sexual attraction towards mature moms. Not many of them have the courage to approach them hence the porn industry is trying to satisfy (in some way) these desires.

If you’re into MILFS, below we gathered 32 photos of voluptuous and sexy like hell XXX mature ladies.

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Blair Baby was rambling about her uuber busy schedule yet again and I was pretending to listen while secretly drowning her out. Blair Baby abruptly stopped mid-sentence to check if I had been paying her any attention. I thought to myself, Fuck her for knowing me so well, yet, if you know me so well why the fuck would you bother me with nonsense? Blair replied, “Cause its what us normal people do!” That took me off guard and from that moment on I decided to pay her some attention.

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This sex blog ranking is solely based on my personal opinions and likes. To find the perfect blog for yourself, just think of what you like and looking for. Are you a single woman/man, or a couple looking for some naughty entertainment? Are you straight, gay, lesbian? Are you interested in the reviews, sex articles, comics, or rather erotic stories? Are you into monogamy, swinging, BDSM, etc?

Having an e-zine about everything that links to human sexuality means that I read a lot of sex blogs trying to understand better people with other sexual preferences than mine. But if you won’t find anything on that list that tickles your fancy, remember that the web is full of sex blogs – just dedicate some time to sift through them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

By Allie Jones,

This is a story of a trip I took with some of my mothers friends, while she was out of town on a trip. I have 4 sisters all have had similar or the same sexual experiences as I have. Although I started sneaking out at 10 to meet women, I have lots of stories to tell from my little diaries. I will never give out the real names of women I met, to protect their privacy, as well as their families.

I was about to get one of my biggest wishes, I had lost my cherry about 3 weeks earlier, and it opened up something inside me that made me want to have sex with every woman I met.

By Lola Phillips,

My name is David, I am 18 years old and I have never had sex. Well, that was until last week…

KC was a friend of mine, we lived in the same neighbourhood and attended the same schools growing up. I was very close to him like a brother. KC has a sister, Oyin. Oyin was a year younger than we were.

I never really paid attention to her until recently. I began to notice that as she grew older, her body got sexier. Gone were the long arms and skinny legs. They have been replaced with a toned body and curvy hips.

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This story is based on actual real-life events that happened to un-named subjects

I can’t ever remember receiving pocket money. Both Mom and Dad firmly believed that there should always be an equitable exchange where money was concerned, so from a very early age we had to do small tasks around the house to earn any money that came our way – well, except for the occasional birthday gift of money when we got to those ages where it seemed impossible to find suitable presents.

When my b*****r and I got to our early teens, it was therefore a natural progression to start looking outside for small tasks that would bring us in some extra spending money. For my b*****r it was things like car washing or helping neighbors in their gardens, and for me it was baby sitting. It wasn’t that I particularly liked young k**s, but I did seem to have a natural talent for looking after them, and it wasn’t long before word spread and I had more requests for help than I could actually cope with, and although the money was never that great, it did get better as I got older and was able to look after older c***dren, and it certainly beat the only other realistic money making opportunity for girls in my area which was the local fast food outlet.

By Robert Evans,

Back in the early ’90s, Tim Lake got into porn. No, not like how you’re “into” porn. He didn’t just have a bunch of tabs open; he actually worked in the field. He also happened to befriend two young filmmakers who were new to LA. You know them today as Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the South Park guys. Together, they combined their love of hardcore pornography with their love of comedy and created Orgazmo, a ridiculous, beautiful movie about a Mormon missionary who uses a ray gun that causes people to spontaneously orgasm to fight crime. But Orgazmo wasn’t their first project. Before then, Stone and Parker partnered up with Tim to make guerrilla porn all across LA. Yes …

By Lola Phillips,

It was his birthday and I had something special planned. I went through quite a bit of preparation to make sure Dan had a good time.

At last, when everything was ready, I laid in bed, in the lacy red lingerie I just bought and took a photo. I sent the photo to him with the caption “happy birthday, baby, come unwrap your presents.”

While I waited for him to get home, I slipped a dirty movie in the DVD player. I sat up on the bed and watched a man tongue-fuck a big breasted woman.

The way his mouth moved over her pussy was so erotic and looked so good. I was sure she was having a great time. He will use his mouth to lubricate her pussy and will lick her clit until she moaned loud.