By Gabrielle Moore,

I have some a little different planned for today’s article. A female friend of mine recently had anal sex with her long-term partner for the first time. She had her doubts going into it, but eventually decided that she wanted to give it a try, thinking that if she didn’t like it she would never have to do it again. I thought that sharing her story with you all, my dear readers, would help and be informative couples in a similar situation. And it’s also pretty hot! Want to hear her story? Here goes…

By Tall_cool_one,

Mia was always horny. She wasn’t always thinking about boys, she just knew that when she did think about them, she’d get horny. And when she got horny, she just had to do something about it. Usually, she went somewhere private, where she could put porn with Mia Khalifa on and slide her fingers inside of her damp panties, and rub her hot little clit until she felt the sweet release of her orgasm. Then her panties would really be wet.

Mia is a very pretty woman. At twenty-seven, she wore her chestnut hair in soft waves that fell over her shoulders and framed her sweet round face. She took pains to apply just the proper amount of makeup to accentuate her natural beauty. She carried her 5′-5″ body straight when she stood. Her full breasts, narrow waist, and soft round hips gave her the classic hourglass figure so many women envied.

By cadeauxxx,

Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.

Special thanks to Metron18 for supplying me with ideas for minor details. Hope you enjoy this, thank you for the inspiration!

Los Angeles, California

A lighter flickered small orange flames just before sliding to the end of a cigarette. A man with long black hair and big mustache sat in his chair, taking the first puff of his newly ignited cigarette just before blowing the smoke out. His eyes remained behind a set of dark sunglasses. Red and yellow lights flickered in reflection over his sunglasses, all while he stared forth at the stage in front of him. A stage had been fixated within the studio for a video shoot with a Heavy Metal band. The man in the chair was simply their manager. He had come to observe the scene while the filming crew wrapped up the shoot. The set piece within the studio was designed to look like a sleazy strip club with flickering neon lights and a stage with a stripper pole. Beyond the stage were stacked cabinets of amplifiers that all had the infamous ‘Marshall’ logo on them.

By cruiser_2015,

I run a little general store. It barely makes any profit but fortunately I make a comfortable living from my property in the village. But my shop has one great asset – it attracts the local girls. There’s never any shortage of young lovelies looking for work to earn a bit of cash and I’ve found some eye candy with a decent pair of bouncers and a short skirt behind the counter attracts customers.

Perhaps I’ve got a reputation for having an eye for young female flesh, because most of the girls who come to me looking for a job arrive in boob clinging tops and micro skirts hardly worth the trouble of wearing. But Emma was different.

by mike83ri,

My wife and I met about 8 years ago. Before we got together, we were both very promiscuous. To give you a sense, I fucked her raw after our first date. Risky, but we had mutual family friends so I didn’t exactly see her as a stranger. I’ve had a cuckold fetish for as long as I can remember but despite her slutty past, she’s never been open to trying it. I never wanted to force her, but it’s been a frustration I deal with internally. I’ll drop small comments about it here and there, and most of the time she says it’s gross but once in a while she’ll make a side comment on her own about it when she’s drinking – never anything serious but enough to keep my hopes alive that someday it might happen.

Erotic Story by Jen L. Lee,

Hello all, I’m glad that I can share some of my story with you. My name is Jen, I’m 40, the mother of two girls. I’ve been divorced for a number of years because my husband couldn’t accept my kinky nature.

We met when I was 15 and he was my first fuck. Jared had a cock like a log and in those days, I thought he knew how to use it. I’ve since learned better.

I lead a kinky and open life. I have no secrets from my girls, as you will learn as you continue reading about my life. What would you like to know about me? I’m sure many of you would like to know what I look like so you can fantasize about me, right?

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Friends with benefits can be a great way to have safe sex between relationships, but sometimes they can result in problems, too.

#1 My Brother’s Friend

My brother has a hot friend and one night we hooked up. It was so great, that we always call on each other when we are horny. My brother doesn’t know, which makes it all the more alluring.

Alexa – 30

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About a year ago I wrote about an incident that occurred when my s****r in Law was staying with us. Usually when Jayne comes down to visit she stays with Judy’s mum down the road; however, on that occasion a cousin and her husband were visiting too and they were staying down there so we had the pleasure of entertaining Jayne.

Jayne is several years younger than me and indeed when I first met Judy, Jayne was still at school. Ironically, I did not feel attracted to her in any way at that time but as she has grown she has blossomed. It seems that every time I see her the attraction I have towards her has grown. It helps I suppose that she looks a lot younger than she is.

By JetBoy,

This was inspired by a story I found many years ago and have never seen since. Almost nothing of the original remains, in any case.

This little valentine is fondly dedicated to author and friend Daddy’s Little Slut~Muffin, a woman who always appreciates a good mother/daughter story. Ms. Muffin, I hope this one leaves you warm and tingly…

My mother Amy is the sweetest person I know… shy and soft-spoken, a lovely woman with a good heart who I adore more than I can put into words. Our relationship is very different from most mothers and daughters, though… and this is about how that came to be.

By Euforia

Dedicated to Martin L. (the connoisseur of booties)

The ideal female body is changing so often that is quite hard to keep up with it. In the 90’s long legs were the most important part of woman’s body and not long ago we had the big lip-mania. Today the world is obsessed with a huge butt.

In Latin and Afro-American culture sizeable buttocks were always loved and revered. To the whole world, this trend was brought by Jennifer Lopez who was the first woman in Hollywood proudly flaunting her big booty. That was in the year 2000 and since then there’s a steadily growing percentage of women who, some through exercising and some surgically, increase the size of their bums.

By JetBoy,

The party turned out to be an utter snoozefest — crap music, bad wine in paper cups, and not one guy that was worth my time, held in an apartment that smelled like stale potato chips and Axe body wash — so I made up a bullshit excuse about having to get up early the next day and made my escape.

All the way home I fumed about how royally I’d been screwed by my so-called friend Brenda. All week long she’d talked this party up at school, riding me like a rented mule until I promised to go. And when I arrived after hours of getting ready, she wasn’t even there!

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This year’s least erotic reads, via the Bad Sex in Fiction awards. Mild language warning, obviously.

“Anne,” he says, stopping and looking down at me. I am pinned like wet washing with his peg. “Till now, I thought the sweetest sound I could ever hear was cows chewing grass. But this is better.” He sways and we listen to the soft suck at the exact place we meet. Then I move and put all thoughts of livestock out of his head.

– The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis

By Euforia,

Warning!! These 53 hot photos of beautiful girls will make you fall in love with winter!

Only a month left till the spring season starts. Most of us are really looking forward to that. For us, in Mallorca, though this year’s winter was incredibly short. This week temperatures will hit more than 20 degrees and although I’m happy about it, this also makes me a bit nostalgic of my own country still covered in snow. Hence the idea for today’s post, which celebrates white winter and hot women.

How you made me come the first time

You look at me from across the table with hushed appreciation. The night is just beginning and you gaze lovingly at my face, as if soaking up the sunshine of my features. All is love in its purest form yet and sex is still a world apart.

We start drinking and your gaze feels confident enough to rest upon my breasts. I see a hint of desire playing across your face and that gives me a little contraction of pleasure just below my hips. My mouth can’t contain itself and extends in a playful grin.

I start drawing your attention to my hair, lips, and breasts with a series of caressing movements: playfully applying lipstick, running my fingers through my hair, not noticing the buttons on my shirt coming undone and starting to show the lace on my bra.