By Allie Jones,

This is a story of a trip I took with some of my mothers friends, while she was out of town on a trip. I have 4 sisters all have had similar or the same sexual experiences as I have. Although I started sneaking out at 10 to meet women, I have lots of stories to tell from my little diaries. I will never give out the real names of women I met, to protect their privacy, as well as their families.

I was about to get one of my biggest wishes, I had lost my cherry about 3 weeks earlier, and it opened up something inside me that made me want to have sex with every woman I met.

By Lola Phillips,

My name is David, I am 18 years old and I have never had sex. Well, that was until last week…

KC was a friend of mine, we lived in the same neighbourhood and attended the same schools growing up. I was very close to him like a brother. KC has a sister, Oyin. Oyin was a year younger than we were.

I never really paid attention to her until recently. I began to notice that as she grew older, her body got sexier. Gone were the long arms and skinny legs. They have been replaced with a toned body and curvy hips.

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This story is based on actual real-life events that happened to un-named subjects

I can’t ever remember receiving pocket money. Both Mom and Dad firmly believed that there should always be an equitable exchange where money was concerned, so from a very early age we had to do small tasks around the house to earn any money that came our way – well, except for the occasional birthday gift of money when we got to those ages where it seemed impossible to find suitable presents.

When my b*****r and I got to our early teens, it was therefore a natural progression to start looking outside for small tasks that would bring us in some extra spending money. For my b*****r it was things like car washing or helping neighbors in their gardens, and for me it was baby sitting. It wasn’t that I particularly liked young k**s, but I did seem to have a natural talent for looking after them, and it wasn’t long before word spread and I had more requests for help than I could actually cope with, and although the money was never that great, it did get better as I got older and was able to look after older c***dren, and it certainly beat the only other realistic money making opportunity for girls in my area which was the local fast food outlet.

By Robert Evans,

Back in the early ’90s, Tim Lake got into porn. No, not like how you’re “into” porn. He didn’t just have a bunch of tabs open; he actually worked in the field. He also happened to befriend two young filmmakers who were new to LA. You know them today as Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the South Park guys. Together, they combined their love of hardcore pornography with their love of comedy and created Orgazmo, a ridiculous, beautiful movie about a Mormon missionary who uses a ray gun that causes people to spontaneously orgasm to fight crime. But Orgazmo wasn’t their first project. Before then, Stone and Parker partnered up with Tim to make guerrilla porn all across LA. Yes …

By Lola Phillips,

It was his birthday and I had something special planned. I went through quite a bit of preparation to make sure Dan had a good time.

At last, when everything was ready, I laid in bed, in the lacy red lingerie I just bought and took a photo. I sent the photo to him with the caption “happy birthday, baby, come unwrap your presents.”

While I waited for him to get home, I slipped a dirty movie in the DVD player. I sat up on the bed and watched a man tongue-fuck a big breasted woman.

The way his mouth moved over her pussy was so erotic and looked so good. I was sure she was having a great time. He will use his mouth to lubricate her pussy and will lick her clit until she moaned loud.

By Lola Phillips,

As soon as I had my first sexual experience at 17, I knew this was a hunger I would probably never be able to fill.

I have been a sexual person as long as I could remember. I discovered porn when I was 14 and since then, the idea of watching other people having sex had always fascinated me.

I broke up with the boy who deflowered me because he could not keep up with my sexual needs. Whenever I visited him, I would ask for sex again and again until he was tired. I would get angry and cry whenever he refused me after 2 or 3 rounds. I would yell at him and called him names.

By Priscilla Frank for Huffington Post,

Artist Alexandra Rubinstein wants to change how women view their sexual desires. And Drake is here to help.

“The square root of 69 is eight-something, right?” Drake calculates in his verse on Rihanna’s 2010 song “What’s My Name.” He croons knowingly: “’Cause I’ve been tryna work it out.”

If you, too, have a thing for Jewish Canadian rappers, this might have been the moment you first started fantasizing about Drake’s skills at going down. 

By KaydM123,

Luke’s eyes roamed her body. She was bent over the bed, her legs spread, ready for him.

“Come on Luke. Fuck me!” She said, wriggling her ass. Looking over her shoulder at him. He walked up behind her, rubbing his cock between her folds.

“You want me? You want my cock, baby?” She whimpered. Their new found relationship was full of fire. They’d spoken about the possibility of dating a few days ago, but they always get side tracked, they struggled to keeps their hands off of each other.

“I want it. Please Luke, fuck me. I’m yours, I’m your little slut. Aren’t I?” She ground her ass and pussy against him. He groaned. He loved to work her up, tease her, talk dirty to her, make her beg.

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Because as far as excuses go, “Eugene told me to!” is probably as good as it’s going to get for some of youse.

EUGENE, SIR: A friend of mine invited me over to a party he was having at his place. Right before he did he started showing me naked pictures of his girlfriend who stood there next to him while he showed me. So it was an intimate party. We get there and “one thing leads to another” and she says, “Let’s wrestle.” So I uneventfully wrestle with him. He’s been drinking so doesn’t do so well. Then I wrestle with her. Which is where this whole party has been going. She and I get into it and she’s reaching out to pull him into the action but he’s not moving. We both look up to note that he has passed out drunk. She says that we have to stop because it wouldn’t be fair to him. I say, he knew what we had come for and would have approved even if he slept through it. Her no-vote won the day but I’m annoyed and want to know: Am I an ass for being annoyed here? – Sleepless in Spain

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Unsurprisingly when it comes to articles, online users mainly read just the headline before quickly deciding whether or not they’re going to read any further. Psychologists have known that first impressions really do last and so how we experience our first encounter will paint a picture of how we process the rest of it.

Look, fact is we’ll come across at least 10,000 ads, headlines, titles on tv, store fronts, radio, social media and so we have all become expert scanners. We will read the headline and automatically have an idea of what we think the article is about so it is crucial, when capturing someone’s attention, we have under 3 seconds to convince a person to read on.

By Patrick Hulbert,

I wasn’t sure if I was on Reddit of Brazzers for a minute, but this story is a revelation that has opened my eyes more than any ‘Step-mom screws step-son’s friend’ storyline could.

I know not everything on Reddit is 100 peecent true but this one is so ridiculous that I just hope so much it’s legit.

Unsurprisingly, this thread is on ‘Today I Fucked Up‘, and it is incredible.