Balancing a sex life with parenting young kids isn’t easy. So when the mood and timing are right, you go for it. But as one couple found out, if one of your kids makes a surprise appearance in your bedroom while you’re mid-act, you’ll wish you never got naked in the first place.

Emma Lou Harris, a mom of two and blogger from Ireland, shared the hilarious and humiliating details of their three-year-old daughter walking in on them while having sex.

“Are you an archeologist? Because I have a large bone that needs examining.”

“If you were a door, I’ll slam you all night long.”

“Do you live on a chicken farm? Coz you sure know how to raise a cock!”

That’s only a few of a compilation of bad pick up lines that YouTube channel whatever presented us with this time. And by bad I’m mean the worst pick up lines you’ll ever hear. I admire Brian for being able to keep his face straight through the whole video…