By Euforia,

Everyone interested in football (soccer) knows very well who Robert Lewandowski is. We didn’t expect though girls in the USA to know about this brilliant polish footballer, so it comes as surprise that Brian from whatever was able to get so many phone numbers while pretending to be him. And since there si not much of the similarity in looks of both gentlemen, good on Brian for getting impressive results.

Video by Smooth POV,

Cody asked girls in college for sex during Spring Break at Lake Havasu. These hot college girls were awesome and this turned out the be a great college humor prank! You’ll never guess what these hot college girls had to say when Cody said, “Will you have sex with me?” You would have thought some just had sex! This asking for sex Spring Break edition is related to our asking 100 girls for sex and asking guys for sex videos. I hope you enjoy!

By Euforia,

“We got porn stars to solve math problems while riding a Sybian.”

Jessie and Kong, YouTubers from Simple Pickup somehow managed to get pornstars to try and solve math equations while riding sex toy called Sybian. Effects are jaw-dropping.

For those who are thinking right now: “What a heck is Sybian?”. The Sybian is a masturbation device that is a saddle-like seat with an electric motor, gearbox and a dildo.