To be homosexual in Afghanistan is to live in fear. Naveed and Rameen, young gay men in the capital Kabul have lost count of the number of times they’ve been lured into dangerous situations on what they believed to be dates.

Both men describe being robbed, beaten up and blackmailed, and receiving death threats. They’ve even eluded police “honey traps” that could have seen them thrown in prison without charge, simply on suspicion of being gay.

They know they could be killed, with impunity, if they reveal their sexuality. Rameen, 31, tells the story of his friend, Zabi, who was killed by his family after coming out as gay, a so-called “honor killing” usually reserved for young women.

“He was shaming the family by being open about it. They stabbed him so many times,” Rameen said. “It was a warning for us, for other gays. Now we keep to ourselves; we live a hidden life. And a hidden life is no life at all.” 

By Justin Wm. Moyer,

After accusations of homophobia late last year, the children’s magazine Highlights will include an illustration of a same-sex couple in an issue for the first time.

The image, which will appear in the February issue of the magazine, shows two men loading a station wagon for a family trip in an item that invites readers to send letters.

“Has your family ever taken a memorable family trip?” the text reads. “Tell us where you went and what you liked about it.”

The illustration comes after Highlights was accused of neglecting LGBT readers last year, and then criticized by conservatives for agreeing to include them.

This article originally appeared on Gayety

You have undoubtedly had sex missionary, cowboy, and doggy style. But, what’s left? According to this guide to gay sex, there are 69 tried-and-true positions (excluding group and oral) to tackle. The Gay Sex Positions Guide serves as a how-to for queer coitus and even includes GIFs to help you visualize each maneuver. With all the options, sex between men is a bountiful garden of pleasure.

Despite the overwhelming library of movements, somethings never change. Even with all the possibilities, a handful of positions still dominates the bedroom. In a recent study conducted by a crew at DrEd, an online physician, researchers asked 2,000 people from the U.K. and the U.S. about their favorite sexual positions.


Vampire and witches and psychics, oh my!

LGBT scholars and cinephiles can explain why queer culture and the supernatural have always gone arm in arm, skipping down the yellow brick road. The rest of us can sit back and binge-watch True Blood, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.

But before these, there was Dante’s Cove — a full-on gay, steamy, witchy drama from the early 2000s (produced by the same company that owns The Advocate). The show took place on a beach, had queer women as principal characters, and offered loads of steamy sex scenes. The third season ended with a cliffhanger, and its loyal, horned-up fans were left with no release — I mean, no answers — when a fourth season never happened.

By Stefanie Gerdes,

NSFW: ‘This guy thinks I’m going to help pull it out?!?’

Berlin’s Berghain is often cited as the world’s best club – but for a straight guy from San Antonio, it turned out to be opposite.

Kyle, a (presumably) straight guy who was on holiday in Berlin, didn’t seem to have a clue what what he was getting into when two newly-made friends took him along.

The famous club, said to have the hardest door in Berlin, operates a strict no pictures-policy and is known for its gay sex parties, usually held in the basement, and the general ‘anything goes’ attitude of partygoers, no matter if we’re talking drugs or sex.

by Wicked,

According to a new study by the University of Toronto, gay couples are far more likely to have better sex lives in long-term relationships.

The study also reveals that gay couples are much more willing to work at keeping the passion alive in their relationships, and less likely than heterosexual couples to believe that there is one person you’re destined to be with.

Jessica Maxwell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts and Science, involved 1,900 participants (both gay and straight) in her research.

By Eric Russell, Marjorie Prokosch and Raymond McKie,

For a long time, friendships between gay men and straight men – what some now call “bromosexual” friendships – were uncommon.

Homophobia was likely one reason; another was that straight men probably assumed didn’t they have much in common with gay men.

But lately, “bromosexual” friendships have started to receive more attention, acceptance and interest. They’re being explored and depicted in movies, books and blogs.

In October, The New York Times even devoted an article in their Style section to “The Rise of the ‘Bromosexual’ Friendship.”

This sort of normalization is good news. But social scientists still haven’t studied the dynamics of these friendships: why they develop and how they’re maintained.


On a bad day (the electoral college voted Donald Trump in), in heavy, disappointing month, in a terrifying, dark year, we have something small, something teensy-tiny that we can smile about for a moment. In a tweet posted December 17, a happy brother captured a picture of his sister proposing to her girlfriend at the Art Institute of Chicago. What he probably didn’t intend to capture, was a woman in the background, overcome with happiness.

The couple, Chelsea and Jessica, didn’t notice the happy woman in the background until they were reviewing their photos, which was probably a wonderful surprise for them.

Imagine a nice fuck-session after the gym or a quickie before work. Either way you have to be clean when the moment is right. Or he might lose his appetite.

As a gay man, you probably envy straight people’s ability to have sex just about anywhere, at anytime. Especially if you’re on the receiving end; you know the importance of preparation.

Which begs the question. How do you prepare?

Depending on your routine, getting ready for anal sex might involve douching or soap and water. The problem is that only targets the lower portions of the digestive tract. This leaves the risk of residual debris further up your system finding its way out when stimulated during sex. 

By Hayley Miller,

“The right to marry without the freedom to marry the person of one’s choice is no right at all,” the tribe’s attorney general wrote in his decision.

The Cherokee Nation will now recognize same-sex marriage, according to an opinion issued Friday by the tribe’s attorney general.

Todd Hembree, the tribe’s attorney general, wrote in his opinion:

The right to marry without the freedom to marry the person of one’s choice is no right at all. The history of perpetual partnerships and marriage among Cherokees supports the conclusion that Cherokee citizens have a fundamental right not only to choose a spouse but also, with mutual consent, to join together and form a household irrespective of sexual orientation.

By Samuel Leighton-Dore for Same Same,

In some more great news out of South Australia, it has today been ruled that same-sex couples will be legally able to adopt children, with the New Adoption Act passing by a vote of 13 to 4.

The history-making amendment comes following a 27,000 strong petition started by married gay father Shaun Douglas-Galley.

“[By doing this], South Australia acknowledges through its Adoption Act that sexual orientation has no bearing on ones ability to parent, to educate and to love children,” Douglas-Galley said following this afternoon’s victory.


Make one good movie and maybe it’s an accident. But two? With the bold, unsettling Nocturnal Animals, menswear’s most cinematic designer proves he’s just as potent in the world of cinema.

Tom Ford thinks about death all day, if you want to know the truth. “I look at a puppy and I think, ‘Oh my God, that puppy’s so beautiful. Oh, it’s just going to be old and die.’ And that makes that puppy even more beautiful.” He leans forward. “I like flowers. They’re beautiful. I think, ‘Well, they’re going to be dead in three or four days, but my God, aren’t they beautiful now?’ ” He leans back and exhales. “Everything’s so transient,” he says. “Everything dies.”

When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned gay “propaganda” in June last year, Russia’s LGBT community went from being a stigmatized fringe group to full-blown enemies of the state. Homophobia becoming legislation means it’s now not only accepted in Russia but actively encouraged, which has led to a depressing rise in homophobic attacks and murders.

The main aim of the law, which essentially bans any public display of homosexuality, is to prevent minors from getting the impression that being gay is normal. Which means that, if you’re young and gay in Putin’s Russia, you’re ostracized and cut off from any kind of legal support network.