By Ritch C Savin-Williams Ph.D.

It’s a common practice for men and women, for various reasons.

A serious medical and clinical problem is orgasmic dysfunction: “a condition that occurs when someone has difficulty reaching orgasm, even when they’re sexually aroused and there’s sufficient sexual stimulation.” Also referred to as anorgasmia, this condition does not include instances in which individuals are purposefully withholding an orgasm but pretending to have one.

By Robert Francis Curtis,

Recently, several news outlets have been reported about a viral trend known as “The Condom Snorting Challenge.” Allegedly, teens are taking to the internet to post videos of themselves unrolling a condom, snorting through their nose and pulling it out of their mouth. If this viral trend is true, it carries with it a great deal of danger.


You probably don’t need much more reasons to have more sex other than the fact that it feels amazing, brings you closer to your partner and… did I mention it feels really good? Well, even if you didn’t need another reason to have more sex, now you have another really important reason. Having sex is actually good for your health. Maybe your partner needs a little convincing to get busy more often? This list is your key to talking her into it, just make sure she knows it’s as good as going to the gym and much more fun! Here are the 9 ways that sex improves your health:

By Ravi Dabas,

There was a time when the word “Sex” was over exaggerated and it was considered to be an awkward topic to discuss. Even the Bollywood stars used to avoid any question related to their sex life. However, the awkwardness is now a thing of past as the Bollywood celebrities now openly talk about their sex lives. So today we have brought you 10 such Bollywood stars that unveiled their sex life openly.


Their youth long gone, members of Japan’s generation of “parasite singles” face a precarious future, wondering how to survive once the parents many depended on for years pass away.

Some 4.5 million Japanese aged between 35 and 54 were living with their parents in 2016, according to a researcher at the Statistical Research and Training Institute on a demographic phenomenon that emerged two decades ago, when youthful singles made headlines for mooching off parents to lead carefree lives.

Teens today just aren’t that into dating or sex, compared to decades past.

Compared to the teens of decades past, today’s adolescents just aren’t that into dating or sex. New analyses of 40 years of data (1976-2016) show that the percentage of 12th graders who have ever gone on a date has never been lower. A quarter-century of data on teenage sex (1990-2016) indicates that the percentage of students in the 9th through 12th grades who have ever had sex has also reached a low point. The research report, by Jean Twenge of San Diego State University, and Heejung Park of Bryn Mawr College was just released by the journal Child Development.

Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence and Europe is not free from it.

In some countries, members of the European Union raping an animal carries no punishment, and in Denmark, it is even perfectly legal to run animal brothels. Although the legality of bestiality has been questioned on a number of occasions, a Danish parliament majority believes that it is not necessary to ban sex with animals. 

By Felix Allen,

Business is booming at the world’s first sex doll brothel, but some punters’ vile requests are now getting out of hand according to the owner.

The world’s first sex doll brothel has been bombarded with sick requests from perverts who want to act out rape fantasies and even pedophile abuse.

Owner Sergi Prieto boasts he “caters for all” preferences but he has been forced to turn some punters away because of their disturbing desires.


There are so many wonderfully sensitive parts on a woman’s body that can be touched and stimulated to make her experience of sex even better. These areas of her body are called the erogenous zones. You might be surprised to find out that a woman’s secret hot spot isn’t just her breasts or clitoris, there are a lot of other sexy spots that need your attention. So, I asked 6 real women to tell me about their secret spot and how they like it to be touched.

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Soon, virtual reality is going to crash into our lives in a way we never even imagined. Though dating and masturbating have long been commandeered by the web, it’s only been as a kind of middleman. Now we’re nearing the possibility of falling in love with your computer, as meeting your dream partner could be as easy as slipping on Oculus Rift—the most advanced virtual reality headset in the world.


An old virus’ new victims: HIV is now infecting the youth faster than any other age group, due in part, to technology and unsafe sex.

It all started with a simple Facebook message.

“Hi, how are you? Where are you from?” began the conversation.

Jake*, 21, responded to the message and started a flurry of exchanges with his new friend online. It went on for weeks – getting to know each other, sharing personal information, and later, talking about sex.

By Connor,

Sex is supposed to feel good, and if it doesn’t, you’re probably doing something wrong. While some people get off on pain, as a general rule, both people should be feeling pleasure when they’re going at it. If that’s not the case, it’s probably time to rethink things.

Of course, that’s assuming we’re referring to traditional sex. Some people are more than happy to go through life never deviating from the norm, but a lot of people prefer to switch things up every once in a while. There are plenty of other ways to switch things up when you’re feeling bored…