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A young woman who had her photo stolen off social media and used in porn websites is calling on regulators to crack down on an emerging practice known as “parasite” or “morph” porn.

Noelle Martin was just 17 years old when predators stole a “selfie” she posted on her Facebook feed and plastered it over porn websites around the world.

Other harmless social photos of the young woman were also copied and pasted onto porn sites where users made explicit comments about her appearance, a practice referred to as “parasite porn”.

In others users doctored images to put her head on the body of porn stars, known as “morph” porn.

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Shocking video footage appears to show a young couple having sex on a motorbike as it speeds along a highway in Paraguay.

Another motorist spotted the horny couple and managed to film the highly dangerous and completely illegal act as they overtook the man and woman.

Police are reportedly investigating the footage, which was filmed in Encarnacion, Paraguay’s third largest city.

I have no idea what these people were thinking. There’s spicing up your sex life and making things a little more adventurous, but this is on another level entirely.

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Sex is not only healthy for the body, it’s also an excellent way to build and maintain a good relationship with your partner. One town official in Sweden is going above and beyond to ensure that his citizens have as much sex as possible. According to recent reports, Per-Erik Muskos of Overtornea wants Swedes to get an hour-long paid break from work to spend time with their partners, in others words, a paid “sex-break.”


We asked an expert, and a few people in their early 20s, whether they think there’s truth to the theory that men expect oral sex without wanting to lick back.

Ten years ago, a bunch of researchers exploring condom use in the UK stumbled across something more interesting. Their study uncovered that British teens agreed that women expected oral sex much less than men – 20 percent of women, versus 43 percent of men. Earlier this year, researchers Ruth Lewis and Cicely Marston found that things were more complex – and contradictory – when they interviewed 16- to 18-year-olds for a study of their own, to find out their attitudes.

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A third sex scandal in two years has hit elite Brooklyn Technical HS with the ouster of a music teacher accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with her male student, The Post has learned.

The married Marisa Cazanave, 33, and the teen both denied any sexual contact, but dozens of texts and e-mails found by the boy’s mom revealed the pair was in love and planned a rendezvous, the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation reported.

By Jack Carr,

If you’re one of the many people who succumbed to the seductive charms of Fifty Shades Darker over the past week, you may have noticed a few things. Ana is smarter and more empowered in this movie, for instance. Surprisingly, considering the source material, there are some genuinely feminist undertones.

Most importantly, though, the giant knob which controls the sex quota has been turned up to eleven, meaning Darker is now tripping on discarded underwear all over the joint and can’t stop thrusting Christian into Ana’s eager embrace.

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Here’s how to know it’s really bad.

#1 Lack Of Foreplay

My guy just goes straight for the target, bypassing foreplay all together. Not a kiss, not a lick, not a fondle. He just slaps on some lube and penetrates me.

Claire – 25

#2 No Enthusiasm

My guy shows no enthusiasm during sex. There is no moaning, no sexy talk, and no energy. It’s just in and out, in and out, until he cums.

Lena – 31

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By Jenn Gidman,

Valentine’s Day for a staggering number of couples in Japan will be even less steamy than a dry-air sauna. Per a new survey by the Japan Family Planning Association, nearly half of all married couples here haven’t had sex for over a month (and didn’t expect to be having any anytime soon), which is the group’s textbook definition of a “sexless marriage,” the Guardian reports. The survey, which was part of a broader questionnaire for 3,000 people ages 16 to 49, received responses back from 655 married subjects, whose answers indicated that 47.2% of them were in a marriage sans sex—a substantial difference from 31.9% in 2004, and a record number. 

By Jake Anderson,

There’s not a day that passes that we don’t have a new reason to suspect humanity is dying off. Scientists have warned of the ‘sixth extinction‘ for decades, but now there is at least one man who believes an ostensibly beneficial innovation — sex robots — could lead to the human race getting screwed.

This is not a Terminator scenario. If humans begin spending the majority of their intimate hours with sex androids, they will reduce both the energy and biological resources needed to perpetuate the human race. At the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, Swiss researcher Oliver Bendel issued the following, fairly simple, warning:


A make-up artist has been allowed by her boyfriend to sleep with whoever she likes – but he must stay faithful after she told him she would leave him otherwise.

Beatrice Gibbs, 22, of Milton Keynes, says she has been allowed to sleep with five different men since starting an open relationship 18 months ago with 27-year-old Adam Gillet.

She claims to kiss up to six men a night and persuaded warehouse worker Mr Gillet to allow her other sexual partners after threatening to leave because she could not resist other men.

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Claiming a sex addiction may be a go-to for misbehaving celebrities and politicians, but from a science perspective there isn’t enough study to prove sex addiction is real, according to a professional organization of sex educators and therapists.

There is not enough empirical evidence to classify sex addiction or porn addiction as a mental disorder, the The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) said in a statement to members last week. The organization said that current sex addiction therapy and counseling is not adequately informed by human sexuality and thus not supported as a standard practice by the organization.


Searah Deysach is the city of Chicago’s unofficial sex therapist. She has been selling sex toys, and answering Chicagoans’ most intimate questions, since she opened Andersonville’s Early to Bed in 2001.

Chicagoist’s official editorial stance is that Early to Bed is an excellent place to shop, and the store also gives Deysach and her team a unique view of the city’s dash to spice up its collective sex life for Valentine’s Day. (Business the week before the holiday is usually “very brisk,” Deysach said.)

Here’s her and her co-workers’ account of the work-week leading up to the holiday. Deysach covered the weekdays; some of her staffers, who didn’t want to be identified by name, covered the weekend.

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Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan attempts to ruin sex scenes with his onscreen partner Dakota Johnson by making silly noises.

The 34-year-old Northern Irish heartthrob is getting hot and heavy with Johnson in the new sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which hits cinemas this weekend (10-12Feb17), but he insists the torrid scenes aren’t as romantic and passionate as they appear – behind the cameras, Jamie is just trying to prank his often naked onscreen lover – and make her giggle.

“I make noises throughout,” Dornan said during an appearance on Graham Norton’s U.K. chat show on Friday (10Feb17). “American-accented noises.