“You can’t force sexual chemistry to exist where it doesn’t in the same way you can’t deny it when it does.”

If someone asked you if less sex meant less spark, and you thought, “Less sex? What on earth are you talking about?” then you’re probably one of two people. You’re either a) a lucky bastard in a brand spanking new, shiny relationship, or b) a sex robot sent from the future to woo mankind with your mechanical wiles. If you’re person A, then read this anyway – because it will happen eventually. And if you are person B, welcome! You probably don’t even need to read this, as you’re no doubt programmed for constant sexy times. But everyone else… read on. You might just learn a little something.

By Larry Getlen,

Thanks to cheap sex, marriage may be doomed.

The share of Americans ages 25-34 who are married dropped 13 percentage points from 2000 to 2014. A new book by sociologist Mark Regnerus blames this declining rate on how easy it is for men to get off.

Regnerus calls it “cheap sex,” an economic term meant to describe sex that has very little cost in terms of time or emotional investment, giving it little value.

Video by BuzzFeedBlue,

“I feel like my dick is going to fall off…”

Buzzfeed invited 3 couples to join in 30 days sex challenge. Rules  laid down by participants themselves and some of them are:

  1. Sex has to be every day.
  2. At least one of them has to achieve orgasm.
  3. Penetration – hand jobs won’t be counted.

During the challenge, the couples were supported by sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell, who teaches sex for over 20 years. 

By Hollie Deese,

Ginger Manley has talked about sex. A lot.

For nearly 40 years, Manley has worked as a sex therapist, gravitating toward the practice in the 1970s after working as a nurse practitioner. As part of her routine interviewing new patients with chronic illnesses, she would ask them about their ability to function sexually. The overwhelmingly common response — that things weren’t going well — prompted her to get more education and specialty training on the matter.


“’Sex’ is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.”  -Marquis de Sade

After spending a good deal of yesterday on my social media accounts I was left thinking about the way that we tend to compare our lives to others. Humans have always done it, but now in the age of social media and very little personal privacy, every part of our lives end up on display. One can’t help but compare themselves to others. He has a better job, a bigger salary, a fancier car, a better vacation, is having better sex… wait, do we do it with sex and relationships too? ABSOLUTELY. This is probably the thing that we compare the most.

By ,

Sometimes a couple just finds themselves in a rut. No matter how much they want to get out of it and reconnect with each other, they just can’t. They’re stuck. This might sound familiar to you. You may be in that exact place right now. Maybe you have been there before and don’t want to go back. It’s not fun when you feel the distance between you and your partner. You want to get things back on track but it’s often hard to know where to begin. Since there is often a lot of pressure in these kinds of situations, the best thing you can do is have fun! But how? Today I’m sharing with you a list of fun, sex games that you can use to have fun together again, reconnect and rekindle that fire that has been burning too dimly recently. And even for those couples who aren’t experiencing any kind of distance, these games are a way to make sure that the attraction and excitement in your sexual relationship stay at an all time high. Some of these games are a bit silly, but that’s the idea! You should be having fun together and once you’re able to laugh together again, you’ll be connecting in other ways too.

Forget that course on tax accounting – delivering mind-blowing oral sex is the one skill that everyone needs. If you’re a wizard down there, you’re going to have a much better sex life, more fulfilling relationships, and (probably) world peace. Think it’s too difficult? Think again. With these 20 simple tips – for both guys and girls – the only thing hard will be you.

By ,

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, and it’s going great! You’ve hooked up several times a week for several months; you like him and he likes you back. But you might be starting to wonder: Are you just friends, or are you in a relationship? Here’s how to know if you guys are a “thing,” or just hanging out all of the time in an intimate and emotional friendship with sex:

By Mariana Bockarova Ph.D.

3 reasons we get trapped in the past – and the way out.

In the three years since Sabrina, now 29, and her boyfriend of one year parted ways, she remained heartbroken and unable to truly move on. While friends and family urged her to let the memory of her ex go, she secretly held out hope that one day he would return. He, on the other hand, had moved on swiftly after the split and began dating happily without giving her much thought at all.

Why do some suffer in the aftermath of a breakup, while others seem not only to survive but thrive?

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

By Alanna Vagianos,

How wise you are, Notorious RBG.

It should come as a surprise to no one that the notorious RBG has some great life advice.

On February 6, the Supreme Court Justice sat down with Stanford University’s Dean for Religious Life, Jane Shaw, to discuss Ginsburg’s accomplishments, her recent book My Own Words, and to share some of the best advice she’s ever received.

by  Anshika Sharma,

While there’s no set formula of what makes a relationship happy and successful, there are certain things we can keep in mind in order to protect ourselves and our partners from heartache. Reddit user staggeryjay recently asked, “What is the best relationship advice that you have heard in one sentence?” and the answers were unexpectedly insightful. Here are 14 of the best ones:

By Markham Heid,

Sex and health go hand in hand. Research has linked it to a slimmer waistline, a stronger heart and a lower risk for prostate and breast cancers. It’s also a boon for mental health since sex is associated with lower rates of depression and better mood.

But Americans today are having less of it than Americans a decade ago, according to a just-released study appearing in Archives of Sexual Behavior.