Dude Quits Job By Having Sex With His Boss’s Daughter, Then He Shares It On Facebook


by Bryan Brunati,

Not exactly a two week notice.

Look, guys, I know the majority of you hate your boss, as I assume everyone’s boss is like Mr. Burns, as they are usually trying to destroy the world or hit on your wife. But while many of you envision a perfect scenario that involves you quitting your job and sticking it to your boss, the guy in this story actually did it. Although he “sticked it in” someone else…

Even though some people’s bosses make them do insane things, a dude named Chris did an insane thing to his boss when he learned that he was due to get fired: He banged his boss’s daughter.


Oh and he shared it on Facebook. A seven minute video that reeled in over two million views (of course Facebook took it down soon after).
Now here are some of the screenshots from the video we can show you: