Famous TV Presenter Used Sex To Lure Her Kidnapping Victims.


By Camila Villafañe,

When you think of horrifying kidnappings anywhere in the world, you automatically assume that it’s a beautiful woman who is the victim, and she was probably wearing a sultry dress that attracted some perv or pervs. But imagine if the gorgeous woman was the one that turned out to be the assailant?

In Cali, Colombia, authorities accused Paulina Karina Diaz, a beautiful model and Colombian sports driver, of kidnapping two men in 2011. On June 13, 2017, she was finally detailed by cops for luring men into having backdoor sex so she could kidnap them. Freaky!

Paulina Karina Diaz was leaving the premises of Channel 2, where she works.

She had just finished recording an episode of her program, wearing a tiny pink sports outfit when a pair of officers apprehended her.

The Colombian beauty pleaded with the officers to allow her to change clothes.

She also wanted a chance to call her mother to let her know what was happening, but probably because she needed bail money and a lawyer.


In light of the scandal, the local TV station decided that it would be best to cut ties with Paulina.

They also pointed out that the model occasionally appeared in sports news and was never really that interested in being financially compensated. According to Channel 2, she was more interested in exposing herself visually across the airwaves.

Colombia’s special anti-abduction police force had been working on the unsolved case for some time.

Officials accused her of using her good looks to lure men into a horrible trap and the two kidnappings occurred in 2011 and also involved blackmail.sexo-anal

According to Colombian police, Diaz and her partner in crime participated in a terrible kidnapping.

Businessman Hugo Lopez Moncayo and lawyer Milton Caro Villamil had been abducted in December of 2011.

The kidnappers were then forced to ask their relatives for money in order to be released.

3 billion Colombian pesos were what Paulina and her partner told the two men to ask their family for if they wanted to be released. Sadly, six years later, the victims are nowhere to be seen.


Sources say that she managed to capture the victims by using her good looks.

She had allegedly been in charge of an event that caused a distraction in a local disco pub that lured the two men into a room where they were eventually locked up.

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