First Time Advice for Nervous Newbies

The swinging lifestyle is intriguing, exciting and a little intimidating.

While swingers are, by their nature, a friendly and welcoming bunch, the experience can still be a little nerve-wracking for first time couples who want to begin experimenting with the swinging lifestyle. That’s why we’ve pulled together 5 pieces of advice to help newcomers feel more at ease and able to enjoy their introduction to this healthy, happy and exciting approach to sexuality.BY 

  1. Know Your Own Limits

Every person and every couple has their own set of ground rules when it comes to swinging. For some couples, the only rule they have is about being open and honest about their sex play while others set boundaries on the types of sex they are willing to have or how intimate they are willing to become with swinging partners. It’s doesn’t matter where you fall on this spectrum, as long as you’re up front and honest about it with yourself and your partners.

You may find these ground rules evolve, change or even disappear over time and you become more comfortable in the scene or with certain couples. Change is fine when it comes to these boundaries but knowing what they are and making them clear to all players will help to ensure you and your partner are always comfortable. By the same token, make sure you’re aware of any ground rules or boundaries for other couples.

  1. Get to Know Other Couples Out of the Bedroom

First time couples often find they want to make a connection with another couple that doesn’t rely entirely on sex. Talking and flirting with another couple – or couples – is the best way to test the waters and find a couple with whom you can get along in and out of bed. Sex play is plenty of fun, but you want to avoid problems once the afterglow has faded and choosing couples with whom you share various interests can create an amazing new and multi-dimensional friendship.

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