“For The P***y Challenge”, Man Literally Broke Into Funeral Home For Sex With Corpse


The “For the P*ssy” challenge has been trending for the past few days. Well, probably no one will ever top this guy. He’ll literally have sex with a corpse for the p*ssy.

According to Fox-Q13, a 26-year-old homeless man by the name of Domonique Smith broke into Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service and had sex with a deceased woman’s body.

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However, here’s the thing. The pieces didn’t start coming together for authorities until he was caught later with a stolen bicycle that was reported missing from the funeral home’s property.

During further burglary investigation, it was revealed that one of the bodies had been “disturbed” during the breaking-and-entering incident, as reports the source.

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Columbus Police Major Gil Slouchick stated that he wouldn’t comment on the type of sexual act Domonique performed on the woman. However, he did mention the following statement.

“The results of our investigation and the forensic examination gave us probable cause to believe that this individual had indeed sexually assaulted a dead body.”

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