Govt Now Giving Sex Change Drugs to Children as Young as 10


By Matt Agorist,

Children — as young as 10-years-old — are being given powerful hormone injections to aid them in their transition between sexes.

There is a complex set of factors for determining if a person is a transgender. While science hasn’t nailed down the exact physiological and neurological markers to determine what makes a person have gender distress, there is no doubt that it exists. If individuals identify with a different gender than they were born, it is no one’s right to prevent them from remedying it. That being said, should young children who feel they may be in gender distress be given sex change drugs — by the government?

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Regardless of how you feel in regard to the question above, the fact is that it is happening. More than 800 children in the United Kingdom — some as young as 10 — are now being given these controversial sex change drugs.

Britain’s National Health Service is prescribing children powerful hormone injections which halt the development of sex organs, breasts, and body hair. These drugs are meant to keep children in a prepubescent state so they can be easier to operate on when they become adults.Sex-Change-Drugs

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It is safe to assume that children can know that they identify with a different sex than they were born. However, it is also safe to assume that some children may be mistaking these feelings for something else and could change their minds several times before becoming a physical adult.

The Daily Mail reported on a transgender girl who says that had she not been given these hormone injections, she would have killed herself.

Teenager Llyr Jones has been taking puberty-blocking drugs for the past six months.

The 17-year-old told how she was desperate to be prescribed the injections to end the agony she was going through as her body began to change into that of an adult man.

Llyr, from Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales, said if the physical transformations that came with puberty had been allowed to continue, she would have been pushed to take her own life.

‘In all honesty, if I hadn’t been allowed to be on the blockers and start my transition, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here now,’ she said.

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Jones was in gender distress and these drugs could’ve very well saved her life. However, she is almost twice as old as some of the other children being given these same drugs.

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