It’s perfectly fine to always have sex in the exact same position


By Rebecca Reid,

A third of Brits haven’t tried a new sexual position with our partner in more than a year, according to research from ONE condoms, and 16% of us NEVER change positions during sex.

I think we’re supposed to be shocked by this research. But actually, I think it’s great news. It’s news which suggests that people have realised that twisty-turny-pretzle sex is not anyone’s friend.

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Back in the day, women’s magazines used to feature a ‘position of the month’ with diagrams or barbies to illustrate how you and your partner were supposed to recreate it at home. There were even instructions as if having sex should have the same methodology as putting together an IKEA bedside table.

Did anyone ever try out those positions of the month? Was there some poor bloke who spent his Friday night with one foot on the bed and the other on the floor while his girlfriend read through stage four for the seventeenth time while shouting ‘well we must have missed something, Gareth because you’re not inside me.’sex-positions

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When I worked as a full-time sex writer, I was constantly shocked by how often people would ask me what positions I did. Usually at dinner parties. As if I was going to put down my glass of wine, give them a sultry smile and ask if they’ve ever encountered the Abyssinian Fork Lift or the Rusty Rhino Spear.

Positions are not what makes sex kinky or experimental. In fact, kinky or experimental sex more commonly starts with your brain than your body, exploring you and your partner’s desires from inside out.

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If you’re hoping to spice up your love-life, some sexy lingerie, a pair of handcuffs, some high-grade lubricant or a blindfold will do a million times more for you than trying to work out how to replicate a position you’ve seen in a Hollywood film which was literally choreographed.

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