Justin Bieber’s Transformation From “Baby” Tween To Sex Symbol

But once upon a time — not so very long ago — Justin was just a Canadian boy with a hit song titled, appropriately enough, “Baby.” So, when did he go from being a geek-dorable tween to the heartthrob we know and shame-ogle today? That journey was not exactly swift or sudden. But it is trackable via photographs of the Biebs from back in the day to now. Come along with us on an incredible journey, where you’ll see the singer’s transition before your very eyes! (It’s so magical that, yes, that exclamation point was fully merited. We stand by it. Now, without further ado…)

This pic was snapped back in August 2009, during a performance for Radio Disney. He was only months away from releasing his first-ever EP, My World.

Note how 15-year-old Bieber and the guitar are basically the same size, and that he’s already cultivating his own version of the emo boy haircut, side-swept bangs and all.

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