Literotica: Another Lazy Sunday Morning


by ProfessorAshton©

It was like most Sunday mornings. Kids still asleep, dogs whining to go out, my wife unwittingly teasing me with her ass stretching a very sexy pair of lacy panties as she lay next to me with the covers off of her. I let the dogs out and locked our door for privacy and climbed back into bed after taking my shorts off. I snuggled up to Dee’s body and let one hand cup a full breast while the other slid down between her legs.

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Dee responded to my wake up by pressing herself back against my now hard cock and wiggled that sweet ass against me. In doing so, she gave me more access to her pussy. I gently rubbed circles around her mound, trying to hit her spots. I alternated my circles in direction and pressure before stopping to the slight moaning protest from my beautiful wife. Sliding further down, I cupped my whole hand over her sex, letting a finger press in between her lips. The heat from between her legs was rising and I could feel her getting wetter.



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Dee continued to grind back against me. I slipped her panties down and off her legs. Dee lined her delectable ass up against me and ground herself on my hardon. I returned my hand between her legs and found her pussy lips to be slick with her juices. I slid my fingers between her folds and found more of the nectar to spread around her pussy while I teased her more. My dick was poking right into the cleft of my wife’s butt and she maintained her gentle rocking against my cock. I slid a finger into Dee and she gasped, I played my other fingers around her lips and found her button. With a finger inside of her hot pussy and others slipping through her folds and tickling her clit, Dee continued to moan and grind against me.


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I found a rhythm to stroking my fingers around her clit, light and fast, slower with more pressure. Every so often I’d pull my finger from inside her and use two fingers to pinch her clit. When she gets that wet, my fingers just slip over her button and she goes crazy with pleasure. After a bit of this teasing, I resumed the dual assault inside her sweet cunt while also rubbing her clit.

Dee pulled away just enough to break contact between my dick and her ass, and I thought she had reached her limit of my pole poking at her butt. The next thing I felt was Dee’s hand sliding along my fingers as they played in her pussy. Dee slid her fingers back and slid them around between her cheeks, she scooped some more of her wetness and smeared it on her tiniest of holes before grasping my cock and lining it up to spear her asshole.

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My wife was actually putting my cock in her ass. My head was spinning. This was a rare treat, often preceded by drinking too much, but now she was making it happen without me “accidentally” straying into that often, forbidden zone. I continued my assault on her, now soaked pussy and Dee continued to fuck her ass back onto my cock. It was overwhelming. I loved being able to please her pussy and I didn’t want her to stop using my cock to fill her butt.

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