Literotica Hotwife: Roger’s Reunion


by fantasyhunter2©

Roger sat at his desk engrossed in some problem. The late afternoon had gone behind the next building and with the lights off Roger’s office had become dim. The low lights and the intense concentration had lured Roger into an almost dreamlike state. The insistent ringing of his desk phone startled Roger. Hardly anyone one ever used Roger’s private line at that time a day, other than his wife. Since Roger’s wife was out of town at a convention, his first thought was she had snuck out of her afternoon sessions to call him real quick. Roger knew she was going to be completely tied up tonight until late.

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Roger grabbed up the receiver and at the last second decided to just say hello instead of his first instinct, hello hot stuff. When Roger heard a female voice that was not his wife’s he was immediately glad he had amended his greeting. The sweet voice Roger heard saying hello was that of Carla, his former lover.

Carla was the one former lover Roger had never quite gotten out of his head. The petite sexy lady and her beautiful long dark hair often played a starring role in his secret fantasies. Roger knew Carla was with Steve now and from all appearances very in love and happy. Steve who was shorter than Roger, was so damn perfect with his hard body and perfect blond hair, he had always had his pick of women so it was no surprise Carla clung to Steve so tightly. Hell Roger had even had Steve creep into a fantasy every now and again. Something Roger puzzled over a little, as he had never actively had an interest in men as sex partners.

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As Roger listened to Carla prattle on about how long it had been since they talked and how she missed him and how nice it was to hear his voice again, he slowly became aware of his growing state of arousal. His pants were already tenting. Roger marveled that just hearing Carla’s voice could excite him so easily. He also was very confused about why she had called in the first place. The conversation seemed completely pointless.

To Roger’s complete surprise Carla blurted out, ”Oh, Roger, I really need to see you, please!”

Roger hesitated and then asked Carla why. All she would do was repeat that she needed to see him and beg him to meet her if just for a little while. Roger decided since his wife was away why not; what harm could there be in meeting her, even though the bulge in his pants should have told him what harm there might be. When Roger said that he would meet her if it could be that night, Carla asked him to come to her apartment.

“But, er, um, what about Steve?” Roger asked nervously. “Doesn’t he still live with you?”

“Yes, he does. But he knows I need to talk to you and said he would give us space,” Carla answered matter-of-factly.

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For the next two hours, Roger was unable to work. He just watched the clock until it was time to go to Carla’s and wondered what she could possibly want, in addition, to fantasizing about the possibilities that might be presented. The fantasies got Roger so turned on he almost dropped his pants and started stroking right in the office a couple of times. Roger resisted these urges, thinking if he did get a chance for one more fuck with Carla, he didn’t want a quick jack-off to interfere with his ability to perform later.relacionamento-aberto

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As Roger walked down the hall toward Carla’s apartment his legs felt like Jello. He had never been this nervous in his life. The combination of nerves and excitement was almost too much for him. He held on to the doorframe to steady himself as he knocked. Carla opened the door almost immediately. Roger barely managed to stifle a gasp. Carla seemed more beautiful than ever and as always she knew how to dress to accentuate her assets.

Carla wore a tight low-cut tee with a pushup bra that accentuated her cleavage. Her skirt was short and almost revealed the tops of her thigh high nylons and the garter belt clips that held them in place. She hugged Roger warmly and then closed the door. When she turned to lead Roger to the sofa, he was riveted to the tight fabric stretched over her sexy ass. Carla sat down on the sofa and patted the spot next to her.

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“Come here and sit with me Roger, please,” Carla almost purred.

Roger sat down on the sofa carefully leaving plenty of space between them.

“Hey, you can sit closer than that! I don’t bite and I don’t recall you minding my cooties in the past,” Carla giggled.

The naughty sounding giggle combined with the incredibly sexy outfit was all it took. Carla had Roger; he would do anything she wanted now. Roger knew it and so did Carla. As Roger slid closer, Carla leaned over and kissed him. Her soft lips covering his and then parting to invite his tongue to enter her mouth. Roger offered no resistance. He closed his eyes and melted into her. The kiss deepened into an erotic, hungry exchange as if the couple’s tongues were vying with each other in some great contest. Roger was blissfully happy and more sexually aroused then he had been in a long time. After a few minutes, Roger felt a hand on his shoulder. A hand Roger somehow knew was not Carla’s.

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Roger opened his eyes and abruptly pulled away from Carla. Standing right next to them was Steve. Roger was startled and confused. Steve was smiling at him and Roger could see Steve was clearly excited. Steve’s bulge was obvious and nearly as pronounced as Roger’s own.

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