Literotica: Kidnapped by Daddy Figure


By WynterIsComing©,

Bailey comes to consciousness, and suddenly realizes she’s been tied to a chair. The basement around her is dark, and only a small hanging light illuminates her and a foot around her in each direction.

She struggles against the binds, terrified, panic building. She looks down at her body: unharmed; not a single cut or bruise – but she’s been dressed in a slutty little schoolgirl uniform, complete with a dainty pair of white panties and thigh-high stockings. Having celebrated her 18th birthday just the night before, this was definitely not what she remembers wearing.

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Suddenly, a deep, gravely voice is heard from the darkness that sends chills down her spine.

“Aren’t you a little young to be wearing something like that?”

The man who steps out from the darkness is tall, well-built, and unnervingly handsome, wearing a grey suit perfectly tailored to his body. The man speaks again. “What would your daddy say?”

Bailey begins to tremble, her eyes filling with tears. “Please. Please, don’t hurt me.”

The man silently approaches, his steady confident footsteps ringing through the basement. Bailey looks at her feat in fear.

The man’s large, calloused hand grabs Bailey gently – but firmly – at the jaw and forces her to look up at him.

“Look at you. So beautiful when you cry,” he murmurs. The man brings his lips a heartbeat from Bailey’s; they inhale each other’s exhales, but don’t kiss.

“God, Please,” she whispers against his mouth.

“I’m not God,” the man replies. “But you’ll pray to me.” The man’s hand slips around Bailey’s throat and he kisses her, wet and deep. Bailey is petite already, but being tied to a chair makes her considerably shorter, and the man towers over her. The man kisses her in the most calculated, collected way, but she feels the fire inside of him; how he has to hold himself back from doing terrible things to her.

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Bailey’s small hands struggle against the bonds. The moment man pulls away from the kiss, Bailey screams for help. Her screams are instantly silenced by the man’s rough hand over her mouth.

“Shh,” he murmurs gently. “Be quiet for me. I’m going to touch you now.”

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With his free hand, the man’s fingers rub knowingly over Bailey’s clit through the underwear. Her back arches and she moans against his hand. “There we go,” the handsome man whispers, his eyes staring straight into Bailey’s soul.

The man’s fingers work in a rhythm, flat against her clit, making Bailey’s body betray her. Her body grinds against the man’s hand. “Be a good girl and come for me,” says the man.

Bailey struggles against the binds, realizing there is no way she could escape – and even if there was, this man’s strength would win every time she tried.

Suddenly, an orgasm takes over Bailey’s body and she strains against the ropes, slowing down against the man’s hand as the orgasm washes over her.

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The man watches her. “Can I trust you to be quiet for me?” Asks the man. Bailey nods earnestly. The man narrows his eyes. “You can beg all you want, but if you scream again, you won’t like what happens.”

Bailey nods again. The man removes his hand slowly from her mouth; a string of saliva reaches from her lips to the rough palm of his hand before it drops away onto the basement floor.

The man crouches in front of Bailey, pinning her with his gaze. He pushes Bailey’s tiny skirt up with his large hands. His eyes crawl from her face to her little pussy behind the underwear and back again. Shy, Bailey squeezes her thighs together.


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The man forcefully but gently pushes her thighs apart again. He places his mouth above her underwear. Bailey can feel his hot breath between her legs.

“No. Please. Please don’t taste me there.”

The man’s tongue gently laps over Bailey’s clit through the thin cloth of the underwear. “Say that again,” he commands.

“Please stop,” Bailey whimpers. “Nobody’s ever done this to me before.”

“You know what you get for saying that?” The man murmurs, condescending. He pulls Bailey’s underwear to the side, revealing her bare little pussy, and he licks in broad strokes over her bare clit. Bailey moans, struggling against the chair.

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