Literotica: Submissive Awakenings Pt. 01



by Fifeperv©

I close the door behind me as I enter the subtly lit room. In the middle of the room you kneel with your back to me, your eyes blindfolded, and your hands cuffed behind your back. Other than the cuffs and blindfold, you are naked.

As you hear the door close you kneel up straight, as you were supposed to be. Whilst you waited for me you had rested your arse on the back of your feet. You know you will be in trouble for that at some point.

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I move into the room, not approaching you. You know I am in there but have no idea where, or what I am about to do. I know you could turn your head, shake off the blindfold, find out where I was, but I want to see if you have the willpower to remain still.

Eventually, you sense that I am in front of you, inches away from you. I put my hand in your hair, gripping it, but not pulling it. I tilt your head so your face looks up at me and then run one finger slowly and lightly over your blindfold, down your cheek to your mouth. Even more slowly I trace my finger along your lips till I feel them part and your tongue gingerly slips out to curl around my finger.

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Again I stand in front of you and slowly run my fingers over the contours of your body. My finger moves very lightly over your skin, hardly touching you. I start on your neck, very slowly tracing down to your shoulder, then just touching the side of your breasts down to your navel. Slowly they move back up, skirting your breasts, before once more moving down, this time across your breasts towards your nipples. As they sense my fingers on you, your nipples harden further as they anticipate the touch they so want to receive.

As my hands move I tell you how much I love your body, how much I love to look at it, and how I love to feel it under my touch.

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I feel your body shift as you try to move your nipples to my fingers, and instantly take my hands away. You hear me take a step to your side, before feeling a stinging smack on your arse. The blow, though not too hard, makes you take a step forward. I wait till you have balanced yourself before resuming the spanking. In all five blows land on your arse before I stop.

I stand behind you and place my hand where the smacks had just fallen, and caress you to ease some of the pain. I ask you if you know why you were punished, and you explain that you know you should not have moved to try and force my hand.

With my foot, I force your legs further apart, till you are standing with them wide open. My hand stays on your arse for a few seconds, before I move off again and you hear the door open as I leave the room.

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I return after a few minutes and stand behind you, and undo your hands, which you immediately move and hang in front of you covering yourself. I tell you that you are not allowed to cover yourself up and that you will be punished for every time you try. I ask if you understand and you nod that you do. I slap your arse again, hard this time, which as you still have your legs spread makes you lose your balance, falling to your hands and knees.

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