Man Catches Couple Having Sex In The Street And Provides Hilarious Voiceover


By James Dawson,

An onlooker provided hilarious ‘nature documentary’-style commentary after he caught a couple shagging in broad daylight in Barnsley.

The pair were rumbled having sex in an alleyway close to a church and footage taken by Denzill Smith shows him peering over the wall to record the moment of passion close to the centre of the South Yorkshire town.

“Today on planet Earth in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig and one female rhinoceros,” he says.

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The clip of the rare and never-before-seen mating ceremony, capturing two animals in the throes of fornication, was posted on Facebook on Sunday afternoon and has gathered thousands of shocked responses.

The clip was removed from the social media site earlier today after breaking Facebook’s sexual content rules.

Denzill told the Mail Online: “I uploaded it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon but I’d filmed it on Sunday morning outside a nightclub at 6.15am.

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“It was dead everywhere and I’m assuming the couple had been out all night then started having sex.

“Facebook removed the clip and banned me from posting anything because someone reported it.”

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