Man who had sex with Maltese was caught when dog started hiding, causing suspicious girlfriend to set up hidden camera

The Lower East Side woman who caught her boyfriend on tape having sex with her dog first became suspicious something was going on after the dog started hiding out, she told the Daily News Friday.

“The dog was hiding in the house,” said the 43-year-old owner, who declined to give her name, of the 20-pound Maltese named Princess. “She never hides. I had a feeling there was something going on in my house.”

And so she set up a camera in the bedroom to record what was happening when she was away.

To her horror she discovered her 39-year-old live-in boyfriend Jesus Gutierrez, naked from the waist down, forcing Princess to have sex with him.

“It’s sick,” she said. “I confronted him.”

She also called the cops.

Gutierrez was arrested Wednesday for criminal mischief, sexual misconduct and torturing an animal.

He admitted to sexually abusing the dog “for his own sexual enjoyment,” according to court papers.

He was released without bail following his arraignment Thursday.


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