Oral Sex: The Power of Your Tongue



The tongue is an extremely strong muscle in the human body. We use our tongues all the time, all throughout the entire day… to eat, talk, swallow, and even for activities a little more exciting, like kissing, licking, sucking and sex. The tongue is an extremely important body part when it comes to sex. You use it when you kiss when you whisper sweet nothings (or dirty thoughts) into your partner’s ear when you run it along her body when you go down on her and in a lot of other ways. Are you using this important body part to its full potential?

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The tongue isn’t just useful, but it also has a lot of different ways it can be used. If you don’t know how to maximize its potential, you need to learn. That’s what today’s post is all about, learning to harness the power of your tongue. It will make you a better kisser, a better giver of oral sex, and an overall better lover.

Different Ways to Use Your Tongue

Flex it

The tongue is a strong muscle and by flexing it hard you can make it hard and erect. If you begin to play with your tongue in your mouth, you will find that you can flex it in many different positions. Use your tongue to lick your clean hand to see how the different sensations feel depending on how you flex your tongue. Try out different shapes. First, stick your tongue all the way out of your mouth, make it into a point and flex it like a little dagger. You will notice that it will feel quite hard when you use it to lick your hand, almost like a warm, wet finger. The tip of the tongue can be used to trace small circles on different parts of a woman’s body or to put pressure lightly on a sensitive part. Next make your tongue round and flat, like a pancake. Usually, your tongue is pointy when it’s in an erect state, but if you try, you’ll notice that it can be like this and erect at the same time. Now test it on your hand to see how it feels.

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Let it go slack

If you let your tongue hang slack out of your mouth, you’ll notice that it is very soft and flexible, which gives a very different feeling from when it is flexed and hard. It’s impossible to move your tongue in your mouth without flexing it even a little bit, so in order to use a completely relaxed and slack tongue on your partner’s body, you have to let your tongue hang slack out of your mouth and move your head to “lap” at your partner’s body, kind of like a dog. It might sound funny when described like this, but believe me, it feels incredible on a woman’s breasts, clitoris, and other sensitive areas. Practice this on your hand and notice the difference between a slack tongue and a flexed one.

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Somewhere in between

The best thing about the tongue is how versatile it is. It can easily go from being hard and erect to soft and squishy in a second. It also has the ability to be in an in-between state, where it is neither hard nor overly soft. Now play around with using your tongue on your hand and notice how versatile it can be, changing back and forth in a second.

Your tongue is one of your best assets when it comes to pleasing your partner, so you want to make sure you use it to the best of your ability and that it is strong and flexible. Professional speakers and singers do tongue exercises to make their tongues stronger so they will be more powerful, but these exercises can be useful for a skilled lover as well. Here are a few for you to try:

  • Push the tip of your tongue between your two top front teeth. Hold your tongue in that position as you swallow. You’ll notice that your tongue will want to move from that position, so you will have to strain to keep it in place. This exercise will strengthen the base of your tongue.
  • Pull your tongue back into your mouth as far and you can and hold it for 2 seconds. Then push it out of your mouth as far as you can for 2 seconds. Make sure you are really working the muscle to get the best effects.
  • Move your tongue from side to side inside your mouth, flexing and pushing against each cheek. Then do the same with your tongue outside of your mouth.

Practice all of these tongue uses and exercises and you’ll be a better lover in no time.

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