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What’s so important about sex positions? Couples are forever in search of getting the angle just right in order to maximize pleasure for both parties. Some positions might feel great for the man and not be a favorite for the woman, and vice versa. Then you might have a position or two that really work for you as a couple, but of course you want to keep things interesting, so you keep trying new positions to see if you can add another one to your repertoire. The search for the best and most pleasurable sex positions goes on and on. In an effort to always have new material, some sex columns will list off impossible sex positions that might look good on paper or in a fancy photo with good looking models, but in real life, it’s impossible to pull them off. So today I’m bringing you 6 sex positions that you can actually do with your partner. There will be no standing on your head or do back bends on this list…

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According to BroBible “It’s a little known fact that the first instance of human laughter was caused by a raw meat fart 50,000 years ago (which was blamed on the Homo Erectus dude sleeping in the corner). Of course, the shockwaves of flatulence still ring strong and true today. And farts are never not funny. But as civilization has advanced, our freedom to expunge gas has diminished.”

In this hilarious video, The Kloons show us that farting in front of your girlfriend could be, actually, the key to a great relationship. Watch and learn gentlemen. 

This article originally appeared on Deccan Chronicle

Couples make between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 15 lakh a month depending on how popular they are.

The story of a Hyderabad man arrested for live streaming himself having sex with his wife has shocked the nation, but as bizarre as it may sound, this isn’t an isolated incident since experts suggest that it’s a growing trend among Indian couples.

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Mia was always horny. She wasn’t always thinking about boys, she just knew that when she did think about them, she’d get horny. And when she got horny, she just had to do something about it. Usually, she went somewhere private, where she could put porn with Mia Khalifa on and slide her fingers inside of her damp panties, and rub her hot little clit until she felt the sweet release of her orgasm. Then her panties would really be wet.

Mia is a very pretty woman. At twenty-seven, she wore her chestnut hair in soft waves that fell over her shoulders and framed her sweet round face. She took pains to apply just the proper amount of makeup to accentuate her natural beauty. She carried her 5′-5″ body straight when she stood. Her full breasts, narrow waist, and soft round hips gave her the classic hourglass figure so many women envied.


He ran my errands, massaged me on command, and requested to sleep on the floor. It was my first time being in a romantic partnership where I truly felt like I could be myself.

Back in December, I relayed the romantic tale of my first sex slave. My feelings on having a submissive partner were unclear: I didn’t like the whipping and spanking, but I did love being worshipped and having my dishes cleaned for me. After my sex slave and I broke up, I wasn’t sure if it was really possible to be a part of this community if I didn’t want to call men “small-dicked shitheads” and beat them up for not following my orders. I tried dating on Fetlife, but after getting too many messages from gentleman begging me to penetrate them with a dildo or be the star of my very own gang bang, I decided to delete my account. I was closing to giving up until a friend of mine suggested I use OkCupid.

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The transgender lover said she was hired by the wife to sleep with her husband for his 60th birthday.

Jeremy Kyle may have its fair share of dramas but a courtroom show has thrown up something even more unpredictable.

Casa Cerrado – which means case closed – has featured the story of a transgender woman who broke her penis when the man she was sleeping with died during the act.

Jennifer, who still has her male genitalia, had been hired by Sylvia to sleep with her husband for his 60th birthday when he died midway through.

She appeared on the show to sue Silvia for around £16,000.

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Sex is a beautiful thing, but shooting sex scenes on film? That can get a little awkward and even celebrity sex scenes don’t always go as planned. Superman Henry Cavill has even admitted that something quite embarrassing popped up while he was shooting a sex scene, and that’s not even the most embarrassing movie sex scenes story out there!

Sure, stars like Mindy Kaling, Hugh Grant, and Amanda Seyfried have come out claiming that shooting sex scenes is a lot of fun, but according to the Hollywood actors on this list, it can be the most awkward and embarrassing thing in the world. After all, you’re pretending to have sex with someone while an entire crew watches and a director nervously tells you where to place certain body parts. Sounds about as romantic as dinner with your mother-in-law!

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When you have been giving sex advice as long as I have, you get a lot of great ideas over the years on ways you can spice up your sex life in the bedroom.

Last year I created the “Sexy Bucket List for Couples”  that has 50 great ideas on how to keep that sexy sizzle in your relationship.  This week, I give you “My Top 100 Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life, Create More Intimacy and Have Better Orgasms”, which I hope will give you lots of juicy ideas to do just that.  But, not only am I going to give you my ultimate list (see below), but each week I will dive a little deeper into this list and give you detailed advice on how to make these sexy suggestions a reality.