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The time of the android girlfriend is just around the corner.

The future just keeps coming at us like a tsunami, and RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen says emotional sex robots are riding the crest of that wave. In a recent interview with The Daily Star, McMullen revealed that he’s introducing an artificially intelligent robot in April this year, one with which human lovers will be able to develop an authentic connection.

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“Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?” –Sue Johanson

No offense guys, but I’m about to say something that might just offend some of you. Men tend to be lazy and uncreative when it comes to pleasing women. Now before you get offended by that statement, allow me to clarify. This doesn’t apply to my wonderful readers of course! You’re all here with me because you want to avoid that nasty stereotype. You want to be the lover that your partner whispers to her friends about and just can’t believe how dedicated you are to her pleasure.

Sex is something most people spend quite a bit of time thinking about every day and with good reason. Besides the usual reasons of pleasure and the coveted “O”, benefits from sexy time with your partner(s) can boost your self-esteem, reduce stress, and increase the bond between you and your loved one(s).

Additionally, sex is known to burn quite a few calories and can give you a good ab workout if you know what you’re doing.

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A man filmed having sex with a fellow Ryanair passenger on a plane to Ibiza was reportedly on a stag weekend, and ‘had left his pregnant fiancee at home’.

The unsuspecting stars of the latest viral video scandal were traveling to the party island from Manchester on Thursday 8 June at around 8.20pm. The strangers wasted no time starting the debauchery early though, and the woman was quick to clamber onto her male companion in full view of the rest of the astounded passengers.


“It was the Swinging Sixties with free love.”

In these troubled dating times, wearing a latex bat suit won’t give you any advantages. But back in the ’60s, when the campy Batman TV series was in its prime, it could land you upwards of eight women a night.

The late Adam West, who played Batman from 1966 to 1968, sometimes used his superpowers for bad. The Sun compiled quotes from West and Burt Ward, who played sidekick Robin, that detail their lascivious pre-tabloid era exploits.

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We often post YouTube videos on our website. Sometimes they contain great sex advice that we would like to share with our readers and sometimes they just supposed to make you laugh and that way make your day a little bit brighter.

Lately, I searched YouTube in order to find a video with some really good sex tips for men and after coming across several interesting ones I decided to make a short sex and dating experts roundup post instead.