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You have undoubtedly had sex missionary, cowboy, and doggy style. But, what’s left? According to this guide to gay sex, there are 69 tried-and-true positions (excluding group and oral) to tackle. The Gay Sex Positions Guide serves as a how-to for queer coitus and even includes GIFs to help you visualize each maneuver. With all the options, sex between men is a bountiful garden of pleasure.

Despite the overwhelming library of movements, somethings never change. Even with all the possibilities, a handful of positions still dominates the bedroom. In a recent study conducted by a crew at DrEd, an online physician, researchers asked 2,000 people from the U.K. and the U.S. about their favorite sexual positions.

By Gabrielle Moore,

“The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing — desire.”  Willa Cather

I just finished chatting with a girlfriend of mine who was complaining about her her lack of sexual desire in her relationship. She has been with the same guy for the last 15 years. She is still in love with him and she’s still attracted to him, but she just doesn’t feel like having sex. Not just with him, but with anyone. Her husband, on the other hand? He still wants to have sex on a regular basis and it’s been a problem in their relationship for a long time. She’s come to a point where she just doesn’t know what to do about it anymore.

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The singer is on another reality show.

Kim Kardashian has moved on from her sex tape days with ex Ray J, but it doesn’t seem like the newly married Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star has done the same.

According to Us Magazine, Ray J, who is now a contestant on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother, boasted about the tape during an episode of the show and is even urging for folks to go out and buy it to “put some money” in his pocket.

By Marlowe Hood for ABS-CBN News,

From an evolutionary perspective, sexual reproduction could be seen as a non-starter. Compared to cloning, which also exists in Nature, it’s a major waste of time and energy.

Think of the ungainly, preening peacock — an easy snack for tigers and wild dogs — strutting his stuff to impress the ladies.

Even without predators, sex and its attendant rituals can be dangerous: when stags butt heads or alpha-male lions fight for mating rights, it does not always end well.

Some animals and plants — starfish, bananas, to name two — reproduce asexually. Even a few birds and bees do it solo, Cole Porter be damned.

By DARREN BURKE for The Star,

The secrets of a Sheffield brothel were revealed to a nationwide television audience last night – including tales of a girl who has sex 15 times a day, a man who enjoys rolling in 69p tins of custard and customers who wear nappies.

Sheffield’s City Sauna came under the spotlight once more in A Very British Brothel, which aired last night on Channel 4 and seen cameras return to the venue following an original eye-opening documentary in 2015.

And viewers heard a string of weird and wonderful tales about what goes on behind closed doors at the former pub in Attercliffe – from owners Kath, 53 and her daughter Jenni, 28 as well as some of the girls who work there along with regular customers – including a 73-year-old Doncaster pensioner who makes a 46-mile round trip by bus to see his favourite girl.

A former Miss Bulgaria beauty queen has been jailed for accidentally killing her husband during a BDSM sex session that went terribly wrong.

The beauty pageant winner will spend three years in jail, after she was found guilty of being involved with her body-builder husband’s death in 2014.

The experimental couple were trying out some unusual new moves in the bedroom which ended disastrously.

Anita Meyzer pleaded guilty to negligence which resulted in the death of her 40-year-old husband, Nikolai Dimov after he got into difficulty during their bondage session.

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Kylie Jenner has kicked off Kardashian-style about the recent revelations made concerning her sex life with boyfriend, Tyga.

A post on her personal app, supposedly straight from the horse’s mouth, documented all the ways in which Kylie Jenner pleases her man.

Apart from reading like the journal of a teenage girl living in the 1950s who thinks her role in life is to ‘spoil her man’, the post also suggested Kylie’s followers should spice up their love lives with sex toys.

By Gursimran Kaur Banga for Times Of India,

The latest to appear on Karan’s coffee couch were star couple Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput. Together, the two opened up about how they met and got married. Not just that, thanks to the host that Karan Johar is, they also got talking about their sex life, something that had been carefully kept away from the prying media eyes. Here’s what they had to say when Karan asked them questions about their private life in his (in) famous rapid fire round:

1) They don’t have bed sex: When Karan asked Mira about the deal-breaker in marriage, out of cheating, interfering in-laws, bad sex and boredom, Mira elaborated that she doesn’t have interfering in-laws, they are not bored yet, they don’t have bad sex, so cheating was the only factor that she’d not be okay with.


Vampire and witches and psychics, oh my!

LGBT scholars and cinephiles can explain why queer culture and the supernatural have always gone arm in arm, skipping down the yellow brick road. The rest of us can sit back and binge-watch True Blood, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.

But before these, there was Dante’s Cove — a full-on gay, steamy, witchy drama from the early 2000s (produced by the same company that owns The Advocate). The show took place on a beach, had queer women as principal characters, and offered loads of steamy sex scenes. The third season ended with a cliffhanger, and its loyal, horned-up fans were left with no release — I mean, no answers — when a fourth season never happened.

By Maya Prabhu,

For girls and women from the Perna caste, entering the sex trade is a normal next step after marriage and childbirth.

When Sita* comes home in the morning, her husband is usually still asleep. She has worked through the night, selling sex on the highways tracing Delhi’s periphery, but she will bathe, cook breakfast, and get the children ready for school before getting some rest herself.

Here, in a tumble-down corner of Najafgarh, a patch of urban villages stitched into the Indian capital’s fraying hem, what Sita does for a living is no secret. Sita belongs to Perna caste, and among the women and girls of this acutely marginalised community, entering the sex trade is a usual next step after marriage and childbirth.

By Amanda Cooper for Viral Crunch,

A Chinese businessman is suing an escort agency after they failed to provide him with A-list stars to romp with.

Yu ‘Martin’ Xu alleges he paid Sydney-based agency Royal Court Escort agency $3.7 million for “sexual services” from supermodels and A-list actresses, such as Megan Fox, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel and Independence Day actress Angelababy.

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This story is based on actual real-life events that happened to un-named subjects

I can’t ever remember receiving pocket money. Both Mom and Dad firmly believed that there should always be an equitable exchange where money was concerned, so from a very early age we had to do small tasks around the house to earn any money that came our way – well, except for the occasional birthday gift of money when we got to those ages where it seemed impossible to find suitable presents.

When my b*****r and I got to our early teens, it was therefore a natural progression to start looking outside for small tasks that would bring us in some extra spending money. For my b*****r it was things like car washing or helping neighbors in their gardens, and for me it was baby sitting. It wasn’t that I particularly liked young k**s, but I did seem to have a natural talent for looking after them, and it wasn’t long before word spread and I had more requests for help than I could actually cope with, and although the money was never that great, it did get better as I got older and was able to look after older c***dren, and it certainly beat the only other realistic money making opportunity for girls in my area which was the local fast food outlet.

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If you are a guy who is not very well endowed, it is important that you choose your moves wisely. You want to please your woman and make sure things do not get awkward.

Often times, to enjoy sex, you have to play to your strengths. Thankfully, there are a lot of sex positions out there and you are guaranteed to find a couple that will work well for you individually and as couple.

Hands down the best position to achieve this is the Cowgirl Sex Position. Here are three reasons why.