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Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.

Special thanks to Metron18 for supplying me with ideas for minor details. Hope you enjoy this, thank you for the inspiration!

Los Angeles, California

A lighter flickered small orange flames just before sliding to the end of a cigarette. A man with long black hair and big mustache sat in his chair, taking the first puff of his newly ignited cigarette just before blowing the smoke out. His eyes remained behind a set of dark sunglasses. Red and yellow lights flickered in reflection over his sunglasses, all while he stared forth at the stage in front of him. A stage had been fixated within the studio for a video shoot with a Heavy Metal band. The man in the chair was simply their manager. He had come to observe the scene while the filming crew wrapped up the shoot. The set piece within the studio was designed to look like a sleazy strip club with flickering neon lights and a stage with a stripper pole. Beyond the stage were stacked cabinets of amplifiers that all had the infamous ‘Marshall’ logo on them.

Let’s talk about sex! There are those of us who do it either because we enjoy it, like going at it solo with a dildo, or are not so into it. While the others are either curious, or rather do other things they enjoy. Either way, having an active, healthy, and happy sex life packs heaps of benefits such as:

  • Reducing your stress levels
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Boosting your body’s immunity
  • Reducing your risk of getting a stroke or heart attack

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“Some people basically find a threesome a bucket list fantasy they may or may not enact, but they keep it in their ‘fantasy bank’, because they like the way it makes them feel.”

Most men have fantasized about it, and most women have been propositioned for it: a threesome. A ménage à trois has appeal for several reasons, including the allure of being the center of sexual pleasure, while pleasing others at the same time. The forbidden turns into a night of double the pleasure, double the fun. But should the fantasy of a threesome become a reality?

State Trooper Had Sex On The Hood Of His Car, But He Forgot About The CCTV.

We live in a world where our every move can be recorded from a mobile phone, car dash cameras, or business and home security cameras. There have been plenty of people who have been caught on camera going on racists rants, harassing employees, and stealing. The consequences are usually public shaming and the loss of employment.


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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their orgy horror stories. Here are the hilarious and cringeworthy results.

1. The birthday surprise:

“It was my 38th birthday and my friends and I took a bartender home. After things got hot, the dude said, ‘You know what I’m really into? Getting eaten out.’ My friend Denise wasn’t having it, but I’d done it before and this guy was 100% grade-A beef, so I agreed. He was on his back, and Denise was sitting on his face, so I started working from his balls, to his taint, to his backdoor. As I went to town, he suddenly sharted in my mouth. I immediately sterilized my mouth with a bottle of vodka and left. I haven’t seen any of them since.”


This article originally appeared on Glamour


We’re always excited to see high-quality sex toys for under $100, so the prospect of getting one at no cost at all is basically a dream come true. That’s why Sexy Liberation has officially made our day by changing three of its products’ prices to $0. Yes, you read that right: They’re totally free.

The giveaway is driven by an important social mission: to close the orgasm gap or the difference in pleasure men and women report. A recent study in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that only 65 percent of straight women (but, notably, 86 percent of lesbians) orgasmed every time they were sexually intimate over the past month, compared with 95 percent of straight men. Since 95 percent of women find it easier to orgasm with sex toys, according to a survey by the sex toy company Lovehoney, we’d say Sexy Liberation’s on the right track.

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Amy Schumer is all about sharing – sharing is caring, right?

In her recent interview with Glamour magazine, the Netflix’s The Leather Special star confessed that she caught her boyfriend Ben Hanisch yawning while she treated him to a blow job.

The 35-year-old and her man found themselves in hysterics after he let own a yawn during their bed session.

This article originally appeared on Gay Star News

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Other findings include how one in five straight men watches gay porn.

A new study has surveyed the porn-viewing habits of 821 gay, straight and bisexual men from across the US, and the results are very revealing.

One in five straight men watches gay porn and 55% of gay men watches straight porn.

Other findings included how bisexual men were far less interested in kink or BDSM than their straight or gay counterparts.

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Horny goat weed is a herbal plant which originated in Asia. It is native to China, Japan, and Korea, but nowadays it is grown all over the world. Goat weed belongs to Epimedium plants which are considered to have aphrodisiac effects on both men and women. It is being used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is also known under names like yin yang huo, super goat weed, rowdy lamb herb, and randy beef grass.

9 Good Reasons To Have Sex While You’re Pregnant.

Couples sometimes erroneously believe that having sex while pregnant is dangerous. Men in particular think their penis may poke the amniotic sac. A fetus grows inside the amniotic sac in the uterus. Furthermore, to get to the uterus you have to get through the cervix, a barrier or canal to the vagina. To make a long story short, no, a man cannot poke or hurt the baby.

Unless there are underlying medical issues or concerns, there is no reason why expecting couples should stop enjoying sex. In fact, there are benefits for getting hot and bothered while waiting for the baby to come.

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Period sex is great and these sex positions will help you get it on during her period.

#1 Table Top Tickle

She lies on a table with her legs open. Her flat back will help her not to drip as much. As always, a dark and dry towel should be placed underneath.

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BuzzFeed asked their community to tell them about their worst threesome experience. Here are the hilariously cringe-worthy results.

1. The unexpected facial:

I was in a threesome with two guys who happened to be friends. One of them insisted I blow him while riding the other one. He pushed my head really hard into him, right as he was about to cum, which made me choke and pull away. This made all of his cum spray right onto his buddy’s face, and a bit got into his mouth. I will always wonder if their friendship survived that sperm facial.