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The Spanish city of Madrid is set to install its first “gender-equal” and “inclusive” traffic signals.

The lights will feature women or girls with skirts or ponytails to identify them as female ahead of an international Pride celebration.

The lights will also feature same-sex couples holding hands, as well as straight couples.

After the 2017 World Pride celebrations on 23 June-2 July, the Madrid City Hall says the lights will remain.

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“Real sex is as much about reciprocity as it is exploration and if you need a reason to resent a man later on, just consider the guy who doesn’t believe in cunnilingus…” ? Roberto Hogue

Okay, men, what is better than oral sex? Seriously, can you think of a single thing? Most guys love getting a great blowjob, and it’s not any different for women. Oral sex is the sexual act where one person can just lay back, relax and completely receive from their partner. As the giver, performing oral sex can be the ultimate gift. The only problem with oral sex? All that giving can be tiring. Your mouth gets tired, your arms get tired from propping yourself up, and it can turn a sexy gift into “can we just get on with it, please??” Here are 5 amazing new oral sex positions to change things up and avoid stiff necks and backs!


A randy couple romped on a Ryanair flight as passengers watched in shock and one filmed the saucy behaviour on his phone.

The kinky couple didn’t even bother to go to the lavatory and chose to get saucy in front of passengers on the flight from Manchester to Ibiza, at 8.20pm yesterday.

Passengers watched as the woman clambered on top of her companion and they began to romp an hour into the flight to the party island.

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A new survey done by the condom manufacturers known as SKYN has revealed some pretty incredible information about the sex patterns and lifestyles of millennials. Given the fact technology has become not only part of our lives but also part of our limbs, it was indeed sexting that prompted the need for this survey.

SKYN wanted to know what it is about millennials and being sexually active through technology. Take sending nudes, for example, the survey showed that nearly 50% of millennials are regularly sexting or sending nude photos to someone…

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s penis measures an astonishing 18.9inches, the largest in the world. The 54yr old from Mexico says the size of his instrument renders him unable to hold down a job so he has to rely on food banks for sustenance. He’s not eager to chop off the inches however, he turned down a size reduction because he prefers fame to sex. Roberto gained worldwide fame in 2015 after he was filmed weighing his penis to prove its authenticity… SEE SHOCKING PHOTO

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One of the hottest fantasies that both men and women share is getting it on in a public place. Almost everyone has fantasized about sex in public at least once or twice, many have considered it in the heat of the moment, and other braver souls have accomplished it. What about you, my sexy reader? A lot of people are dying to fulfill this one. The excitement of exhibitionism and the naughty risk of being discovered only heightens the arousal and pleasure of sex! But when it comes down to exactly how to make this one come true, many are too scared to pull it off. Today I’m going to share with you the best places to get busy in public and how to pull it off without getting caught!

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‘Same-sex marriage is an affirmation LGBTI people are supported and integrated into Maltese society’.

Malta has elected a new prime minister, and he is determined to pass same-sex marriage by the end of July.

The small southern European island has civil unions, envious trans and intersex laws, and is the only European country to ban dangerous ‘gay cure’ therapy.

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What is anal sex like for women? Thirty-three young adults talk about pleasure, pain and the reasons they have anal sex in a recent study from the US.

About 40 percent of all US women have had anal sex at some point in their lives, research has shown. But because of the stigma attached to it, there’s very little research out there on what it’s like for women and how to stay safe.

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It also made women more enthusiastic about having oral sex.

A better sex life is something that holds great importance in lives of individuals and couples alike. Physical fitness, a sound mind, and a healthy lifestyle are common aspects seen among people who have a healthy sex life.

But there is one very unusual behavioral pattern which apparently stays the same in people who consistently have a good time in bed. Research suggests that having loud sex is the key technique for better sex, since men and women who moan more and make noise have better mutual satisfaction.

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“I used to get so excited when the meth was all gone.”

This is my friend Jeremy (not a real name).

“When you have it,” he says, “you have to keep using it. When it’s gone, it’s like, ‘Oh good, I can go back to my life now.’ I would stay up all weekend and go to these sex parties and then feel like shit until Wednesday. About two years ago I switched to cocaine because I could work the next day.”

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Sense8 may have been cancelled, but we’ll always have these ridiculously hot memories…

The Netflix original series was one of the most diverse shows ever created, giving equal representation to same-sex couples, offering visibility to the trans community, and starring a varied cast from around the globe.

Oh, and it also featured plenty of hot man-on-man action – who can forget those beautiful orgies?

So whether you’re a fan of German hunk Wolfgang, you’ve got a thing for policeman Will, or you just can’t get enough of Hernando and Lito’s steamy love-making sessions, there’s plenty to enjoy below…

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Her brother, a secondary school pupil, was suffering from depression after catching them ‘making love’.

A 26-year-old woman from Hong Kong, referred to as C.C.M to protect her identity, together with her father, C.P.K., pleaded guilty to two counts of incest.

Apparently, the father, a Chinese medicine practitioner, was about to tie the knot with his fiancée, but his own daughter was desperate to stop the marriage. According to reports, the woman was deprived of her mother’s love and was always dependent on her father. To stop her father from marrying his fiancée, she offers to have sex with him to ‘hopefully’ change his mind.