Paola Saulino’s ‘Oral Sex Tour’ Could Actually Be Going Ahead


By James Dawson,

Pride’s a funny thing; there’s few things worse than being seen as somebody who goes back on their promises.

Usually it’s something small – having to go round your nan’s for tea when you could really be at the pub with your pals, paying to attend your mate’s gig even though you know their band is shit – that type of thing.

Paola Saulino, 27, however made a big, big promise back in November and it looks like she’s still going ahead with it.

The Italian model and actress stated that she would embark on an ‘oral sex tour’, with everyone who voted ‘no’ in an Italian referendum on constitutional reform allowed to take part.Paola-SaulinoSee, I can only speculate, but I’m guessing that Paola probably has a few hesitations about embarking on a public tasting tour of that much Italian sausage, but it seems like she’s refusing to back down.

In December, she told fans that she was a ‘woman of [her] word’ after announcing tour dates in 10 Italian cities.

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