Poundland has released a new range of sex toys for a quid… so would YOU try them?


By Sophie Roberts and Charlotte Burns,

Customers are joking that ‘Christmas will come early’ with these naughty purchases.

POUNDLAND has added more intimate products to their best-selling sex toys line.

Customers will be buzzing to know that two new stimulating items have made their way into the range, as well as some lube to help spice things up in the bedroom.

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poundlandThe new products, which are branded under the name Nooky, cost just £1.

Shoppers who take them to the till don’t need to be embarrassed, as the items are small and subtle in design.

The first comes in pink packaging and is described as a Finger Fun Stimulator.

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And male customers aren’t excluded, as there’s a product for them too.

They can bag a Joy Ring for a quid, which is believed to help elevate arousal during intercourse.

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To make the products easier and more fun to use, the high-street retailer is also flogging some water resistant lube.

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