Sex toy company wants Melania Trump to be face of ‘Make Sex Great Again’ campaign

A swanky sex toy company wants Melania Trump to help make sex great again. has contacted GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s current wife with a titillating offer, in the hopes that the former model will agree to be the face of its cheeky new campaign.

The Miami-based company, which describes itself as the “premier online destination for sensual and sexual well-being,” reached out to Melania Trump’s representatives with a hefty offer of $10 million in revenue shares and a $15,000 shopping spree to “discover some of the great products we offer.”

The “Make Sex Great Again” campaign, a riff on The Donald’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, is sure to raise eyebrows, if nothing else.

The company has filed a trademark for the phrase “Make Sex Great Again,” created hats bearing the expression, and offers several versions of its “Make Sex Great Again” couples kits on its website.

If Melania does agree to give the company her blessing, it wouldn’t be the first time the Trump’s sex life has made its way into the presidential race.

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