Stoner Sex: Group Desires, Blabbing Mates, Backdoor Obsession & Exes

Dear Hyapatia,
My man and I have a great relationship. We like to get high and have sex, especially with other people. Lately we’ve been having three-ways with this friend of ours. He is single and we like hanging out with him and getting high. So it was a normal step for us to all have sex together. Naturally, we can’t have sex with all three of us together every time and that’s kind of a problem. I like sex with my boyfriend very much, but it’s nothing like having sex with two guys at once. How can I be satisfied with sex alone with my boyfriend now that I have had so much excitement with both these guys? – Brenda

Dear Brenda,
Sex for its own sake can be fun and very exciting, but it’s far different from making love with someone you care deeply about and prefer to spend the majority of your time with. Concentrate on what turned you on to him at the beginning of your relationship and focus on showing him your love.

I’m wondering though, if you really care about this other guy, don’t you want him to have a girlfriend of his own some day? If that happens, she may not be into sharing and your three-ways may have to come to an end. It’s fine to enjoy the excitement when you can, but don’t lose sight of the importance of the relationship you have with your man. Then again, I’ve known people in group marriages who were very happy.

Dear Hyapatia,
I sell weed to several people. One of them is my girlfriend’s best friend. I was in the kitchen and they didn’t know I was in the house when I heard my girlfriend telling her friend about something I did in bed that she didn’t like. Now her friend looks at me like I’m a pervert or something. I’ve tried to suggest she find someone else to buy from, but she keeps coming back to me. It’s bad enough that she’s so close to my girlfriend. I could probably avoid her if she didn’t keep buying from me. How do I deal with this? – Bob

Dear Bob,
It’s often a problem when people share their feelings about intimate encounters with a third party who knows the other person involved. It’s just not a good idea. It’s possible that she isn’t thinking about the sexual incident as much as you may think she is. You may simply be self-conscious and she may have forgotten about it. If she’s a normal woman, she’s had guys do things in bed she didn’t like. No one can ever say that every move they’ve made in bed has been perfect – man or woman. I’m sure she’s made a few mistakes herself! Try to let it go and not let it bother you. (As for your girlfriend, I think she needs to keep her mouth closed.)

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