The 5 Coziest Sex Positions for Chilly Nights



When temperatures drop and snowflakes start to fall, there’s no place like home. To be exact, there’s no place like your bed. Preferably with your partner. Snuggling. But don’t let the weather outside keep you from peeling off your PJs inside. As long as you get busy in the right positions, sex can help warm you up from the inside out.

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Take it from Nicole Tammelleo, a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and women’s health at the Maze Women’s Sexual Health center in New York City. “Certain sex positions can definitely generate more body heat than others,” she says. “The key factors are how much skin is touching and how fast you’re moving.”

Another upside of skin-to-skin contact? It may prompt your system to produce more of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. “And some people say oxytocin gives you a better chance of having an orgasm,” says Tammelleo. Sign us up.

Here, Tammelleo shares five sex positions that generate lots of body heat, so you can stay snuggly as you hook up with your SO this season. Sensual extras, such as heated blankets or warmed-up coconut oil for a pre-sex massage, are always welcome too!

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Lay down doggy


While traditional doggy style provides almost no direct skin contact except at the pelvis, this modified version makes it easy for partners to stay close and cozy.

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“Start in doggy position, then lower the top half of your body down onto the bed, so your butt is sort of sticking up in the air a bit,” advises Tammelleo. “If this is uncomfortable, put a pillow underneath your pelvis. Next, have your partner lower his torso so it’s pressed on top of your back as he enters from behind.”

Still chilly? Try intertwining your legs and thrusting quicker. The more contact and friction, the hotter things will be between the sheets.

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