The one disgusting request sex doll brothel owner always turns down


By Felix Allen,

Business is booming at the world’s first sex doll brothel, but some punters’ vile requests are now getting out of hand according to the owner.

The world’s first sex doll brothel has been bombarded with sick requests from perverts who want to act out rape fantasies and even pedophile abuse.

Owner Sergi Prieto boasts he “caters for all” preferences but he has been forced to turn some punters away because of their disturbing desires.

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Sergi co-founded the Lumidolls bordello, which opened in Barcelona earlier this year offering to fulfill men’s “wildest fantasies” with lifelike sex dolls from £68 ($115) a session.

He told the Daily Star Online “business is booming” as tourists flock there from all over the world — but some vile requests have got out of hand.

Sergi, 72, said: “Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy.

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“Obviously we don’t want to promote this kind of activity.”

He added sickening sex dolls designed to resemble children are also in demand.

He said: “In this market, there are lots of suppliers that sell dolls that look like children.

“There exist dolls that are small and look like children.

“That’s an ethical option for us not to provide this kind of service.

“We could do that, but we don’t want to promote this kind of behaviour.”

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