The Ultimate Sex Position Guide


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Your crash course for all the best sex positions out there.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the overabundance of sex positions out there. You have your go-to classics like missionary and doggy, and then roughly 30,000 spin-offs of each of those. How do you keep track of them all? Which hand goes where? Are you supposed to be facing each other or turned around? Is your head *really* supposed to be down there? (Yes.)

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So you never have to resort to repeating the same old in and out every night, here are about a million ways to shake it up… in graphic detail. Consider it a crash course in all the best sex positions with an emphasis on your enjoyment.

Doggy Style Variations

The Booty Pop

In a rush? Naked? Horny? You’re in luck. Strip down naked and bend over a couch/side of the bed/stool/laundry hamper/whatever, and flash your butt to your dude because why the hell not. Brace yourself as he takes you from behind and don’t forget to look back every so often to admire the curve of your own back.

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Give a Dog a Bone

Always wanted to try out spanking but never really been sure how to organically do it? Try this entry-level posish for optimal control. Get on your hands and knees on a bed or a couch — he’s standing. Make sure you discuss limits and safe-words prior to diving in, so you can focus on the pain/pleasure dynamic while you’re in the moment. If you wanna get really into character, you can also incorporate some begging while the spanking is going on.

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Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly


It’s called ‘jelly’ because of all the lube you need for anal sex, haha get it? No but seriously, you will need a lot. For anal newbies and veterans alike, this spooning position is great because it allows you the space to relax and ease into it. Plus, no eye-contact! Feel free to make as many weird faces as you want.

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