Wife bites off her husband’s BALL in a ‘surge of excitement’ during rampant sex session


The man called Wang was holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl as paramedics arrived while his wife repeatedly explained ‘I accidentally bit it off’.

A HUSBAND was rushed to hospital on Boxing Day after his wife chewed off one of his testicles during an aggressive sex session.

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Despite his agony and panic the man, 51, managed to retrieve his right ball after it was ripped off by his overeager wife, 49.

An ambulance to the home at just past 2 am local time and paramedics said the panicking couple was spotted waiting for them at the entrance of their flat in Taichung City in West Taiwan.

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The man, called Wang, was wearing a robe and holding his precious severed testicle which he had popped in a rice bowl for safe keeping, rescuers said.

Meanwhile, the wife repeatedly explained: “I accidentally bit it off!”

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Wang was taken to Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital where he was treated by medic Lu Li-Hua.

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