Women Confess About Taboo Sex With Friends

This article originally appeared on Lom Blog

Friends with benefits can be a great way to have safe sex between relationships, but sometimes they can result in problems, too.

#1 My Brother’s Friend

My brother has a hot friend and one night we hooked up. It was so great, that we always call on each other when we are horny. My brother doesn’t know, which makes it all the more alluring.

Alexa – 30

#2 My Ex

When me and my ex broke up, I couldn’t give up the sex. It was just so great, so we decided to stay as friends with benefits. The only problem is that I think I am still in love with him, but he’s moved on. He’ll still sleep with me when I need it, even when he has a girlfriend, but I want him back.

Trudy – 28