X Factor’s James Arthur Opens Up About Problems With Sex Addiction And Anxiety


Por James Dawson,

James Arthur has spoken out about his problems with sex addiction after having a ‘fling’ with Rita Ora.

The 2012 X Factor winner has previously spoken out about his struggles with mental illness, telling the BBC Newsbeat last year that he struggles with severe anxiety every day.

He explained how anxiety was something that had ‘become part of [his] life’.

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arthur-james“At one time it was horrendous and I didn’t know what it was. I go through these episodes where I can’t breathe and I feel like I’m having a heart attack,” he said.

Now, in an interview with the Sun on Sunday, published today, he discussed how he developed an addiction to sex.

He claims his problems came after he met Rita Ora and the two of them ended up going back to her tour bus, which began a fling between the pair.


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He told the Sun: “I was so puzzled that someone like Rita was actually interested in me. I told myself this couldn’t be real. Rita’s made a mistake. She must think I’m someone cool. This is so confusing.

“Me and Rita met up a few more times after that and had some more amazing nights. ‘I’m in love with you’, she told me one night. She said it so sincerely I wanted to believe her, though it seemed insane.”arthur-jamesBut he described how his problems spiraled out of control after she allegedly ‘went cold’ on him and posted pictures with other men.

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He added: “If I’m honest, I became a bit of a slag after Rita. I was chatting to hundreds of women online or on Whats-App after swapping numbers with them via Twitter, and I started to sleep with so many of them I lost count.

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